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I find Steve pretty easy to use, but I've learned quite a few of his most easily exploitable moves (including a lot of knockdown ones)
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When I was on a serious losing streak and I knew I should of quit and take a break... got demoted a match later -_-"lawzie
You can get demoted?
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I have both them and it's definitely worth getting. The gameplay is great and definitely has more depth to it. It doesn't have a story mode, but then again this game is meant to be a spin-off and is not canon to the main series as all.

While I'm a big fan of story in most games I don't give a toss about the story in Tekken. I just want to fight.
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Free DLC is basically an online pass. It's a mechanism to make sure you buy a brand new copy of the game instead of used.

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It sure looks good but I don't know if it offers enough to shell out for the game at full price, even though I have Tekken 6. Is it better? If so, how much better? Is it worth it?

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Go to libraryhorgen123
Yeah this. Go to the library and get off the internet.
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I'm playing Skyrim on PC, but I really feel sorry for all of you. Bethesda screwed you big time, it's pretty pathetic to see a big time AAA developer still manage to mess up the PS3 version this late in the game.

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I assume you are referring to Assassins Creed Revelations and Resistance 3.

If you dont have AC2, or Brotherhood then go with Revelations, if you do have AC2 or Brotherhood, then get Resistance 3.

Both are good.

Your logic is impossible to comprehend.
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In terms of gameplay, graphics, traversal mechanics and the game world, then yes, by all means it above and beyond inFamous 1. Story wise it's a little weak, it throws in a bunch of new characters at the beginning and doesn't spend enough time characterising them.
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[QUOTE="Chaos_Bladez"]I was lukewarm on it but since the patch came out, I can't wait to play it again. I just need to focus on school right now (which is why I'm on Gamespot... :?). I don't think it was nearly as good as U2, but it's still great.

The patch makes the game so much better. I don't even know how or why but the added motion blur and better aiming system greatly improves the experience.