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linear romps are good if the story is engaging, so they are not all that bad if they are value priced. From everything I read, the DayZ standalone will fill your need for a truly open world zombie mmo [hopefully singleplayer as well]. Just hope they do not RUSH it. TWD is a typical FPS with some good elements like stealth and diversion tactics. The game should be value priced.
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I also think the game is alright. I think people expected something more broad or mainstream. One thing that gets me is gamers that judged this game just because of graphics or controls- It makes sense to release a game with mid-low graphical detail to have a broader target audience on PC. Control wise everything worked for me with default settings, some have had problems with the stealth kill, so I tried to replicate the problem but was not able to. If you follow the instructions you have to be crouched then sneak up and kill from the zed's back. In all, It's not as bad as people are saying- and for a tv licensed game it could have been a major train wreck.