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    WishList - Strategy/RTS on XBOXONE

    A couple of weeks back the CEO of Xbox basically talked about THQ and said that they have plans on bringing RTS games to the XBOXONE. This is really good and would be a boon if implemented. Live Arcad...

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    My Type of indie #IDARB

    I like multiplayer action games. This is another fun MP indie action game coming to XBOXONE.#IDARB

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    Unsung Hype - Phantom Dust Reboot

    A lot of people dont really understand why MS rebooting Phantom Dust is a major deal. Most younger people that didnt play the original XBox dont really understand the significance of the announcement ...

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    This was like Game of the show at the E3 before last. It was supposed to be THEE flagship 'next gen' game. FOr as long as it was in development and as much as they hyped up the character development ...

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    WatchDogs? WatchDEEZ [Spoilers]

    Ubisoft How I Hate TheeI'm sorry but this is bad news for the industry in general. If Ubisoft can push out crap like WatchDogs and hit record sales just because theres a drought on next gen games cur...

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    Games I'm Interested in Post E3 2014

    Well, E3 has come and gone and now that the smoke has cleared I'm going to post a list of games that I'll probably pick up at some point. This gen I switched to XBOXONE from PS. Yes, yes inferior hard...

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