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Still Waiting on Good Games for 2014

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Well WatchDogs & Destiny have come and gone and I'm starting to get a bit impatient waiting on some decent titles to hit both pc and console.

So far I've been kept busy by the Heroes of the Storm alpha, which is actually turning out nicely, but it doesnt really scratch my depth itch if you know what I mean.

Looks like I will be putting my money towards the following:

Shadows of Mordor

Dragon Age: Inquisition

Forza Horizon 2

Sunset Overdrive

SMITE for XBox One

and hopefully Styx Master of Shadows for X1 as well.

For pc I've just started playing a bit of Starpoint Gemini 2. Its a pretty polished game but currently has no mp.

WishList - Strategy/RTS on XBOXONE

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A couple of weeks back the CEO of Xbox basically talked about THQ and said that they have plans on bringing RTS games to the XBOXONE. This is really good and would be a boon if implemented. Live Arcade already has a pretty good list of strategy games, considering for a while you were able to cross-platform play with 360 & PC. (If GFWL hadnt sucked donkey balls this would have gained some traction) But lately at least on Twitter, Phil has been hinting that cross-platform functionality may be returning with the release of Windows 9. I am keeping my fingers crossed for this, so I'll have not only the ability to play games with friends that still have the 360, but also face plant some 'master race' jack wagons as well.

Good potential candidate games that were on Live Arcade that could get reboots/remakes/or next installments:

1. Halo Wars 3

2. Battlestations Pacific

3. Kingdom Underfire (I know KUF2 is in development for PS4 and its now heavily p2w which takes a lot of its luster off, but it still might come to the X1 from what the developer's say on their website)

4. RUSE or something similar. Use the Kinect and voice to move units across the map

5. WIC

6. Star Trek Legacy (reboot for the new Abrams movies, might not work though for some reason JJ Abrams manages to destroy the Enterprise in every movie which shoudlnt be happening but thats another story)

7. Ultimate General Gettysburg (Small indie but its based on the unity engine and the controls are simple enough that it seems like it could be easily ported. Needs a lot of polish still though. I'd pay $5 for it in its current state but most people wouldnt)

My Type of indie #IDARB

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I like multiplayer action games. This is another fun MP indie action game coming to XBOXONE.


Unsung Hype - Phantom Dust Reboot

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A lot of people dont really understand why MS rebooting Phantom Dust is a major deal. Most younger people that didnt play the original XBox dont really understand the significance of the announcement at E3.

For the gamers too young to really remember the original XBox, this is why Microsoft is rebooting the Phantom Dust franchise. it was one of the best games released on the original XBox and was way ahead of its time.

Games I'm Interested in Post E3 2014

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Well, E3 has come and gone and now that the smoke has cleared I'm going to post a list of games that I'll probably pick up at some point. This gen I switched to XBOXONE from PS. Yes, yes inferior hardware blah blah blah.

I just have more faith in MS after all the shenanigans Sony had with the PS3, combined with the fact that I really like what MS did with XBLA on the 360 and hopefully its glory will return to full form on the XBOXONE. I also just like the direction MS is going with the cloud, their servers and actually admitting mistakes and making positive changes. MS has invested $700M into servers and storage for the XBOXONE and one thing that MS doesnt lack is capital. I also like how MS is basically integrating Windows 8 and DX12 to make things uniform between pcs and the console.

But anywho, heres my list with a few comments:

My most anticipated game:


The gameplay just looks fun and hopefully it will really expand with more character classes and monsters.

Game with the Most potential:

No Man's SKy

Yes, I know its coming to ps4 first, but its still supposed to be launch on X1 as well.


I'm a real sucker for style over substance sometimes (not just eyecandy but games that have unique style/art direction) This game will fall into the category with Wet and Afro Samurai for me. Games I loved not because of the gameplay necessarily but just the overall package was something that made me love it.

Master Chief Collection

This game is actually a really huge announcement and I'm surprised more people are 'OMGing' over it. Maybe its because the original Halo was released 13 years ago so most gamers in their early 20s dont really remember it, but to anyone that actually had an original Xbox, this collection is like one of the greatest releases of all time.

Skylanders Trap Team

Yes, this is a kiddie game, but its surprisingly well made and the more I see of it the more it makes me want to play it. I have a nephew thats really into Skylanders and now I understand why. Just the shear volume of direct playable characters and the handsomeness of its art direction make me love this game.

Sunset Overdrive

I think this game probably wont be as fun as it looks (I get bored with sandbox games like GTA quickly) but I love Insomniac and it looks well polished.


Havent seen any real gameplay, but if its got giant monsters and dragon mounts I'm ten toes down.

DA: Inquisition

I'm not a big fan of the DA games, but this one looks to have actually broken the mold and brought some better gameplay and the current gen is seriously lacking a decent RPG.

Lords of the Fallen

Looks a bit like the Souls games (Which I do not like BTW- sue me) but just having a variety of classes piqued my interest.


Yes its another CoD game, but this one actually have some future weapons. I saw lasers in the demo and smart drone grenades so I'm in.

Rainbow 6: The Seige

I liked this better when it was still Patriots, but I'll probably give this one a go, if for nothing more than the realistic gunplay. I liked seeing people shoot thru walls and people not being able to hide from an assault rifle behind sheet rock like people do in the movies.

Ori & The Blind Forest, Below & Inside

I love creative indie games and all three of these fit the bill. I wish more developers would concentrate on making actual good graphics based on perspective rather than just photorealism. Graphics dont have to look like 'The Last of Us' for a game to be graphically beautiful. I think games going in this direction actually have the potential to make MMOs real RPGs instead of themeparks/spreadsheet games.

Kingdom Underfire 2

I'm not sure if this will make it to the X1, but their website says it might. I kind of lost faith in this game after follwoing it for so many years and finding out that its pay2win, but just having an RTS/action combat hybrid really makes me want to play this since RTS games are my favorite games.

Grey Goo

I'm a sucker for RTS games and this one has a few original concepts like the goo faction. I'll play it.


I know E3 is console heavy, but I'm still waiting on more info on Homeworld Shibreakers, Warhammer 40K: Eternal Crusade, Camelot Unchained and a few other pc titles like ArcheAge, Blessed and Black Desert.

I like MMOs a lot, but the genre is seriously stagnating. I played in the Wildstar alpha/beta and its a really nice/polished game but its just too much like WoW for me I need some innovation in the genre. I'm really tired of MMOs using the same old stat rng, turnbased combat and greens blues purples. I would love to see a game with stats in the background, with permadeath and a player controlled economy. I'm looking for an MMO game thats based off of the voxel concept.

Oh yeah since none of the major titles for PS4 are coming til 2015, I will probably buy a WiiU on sale somewhere and play Bayonetta 2 and the Wonderful 101.

I'm out!!

Anticipated Games for 2014

by on

Age of Wonders 3

Kingdom Underfire 2


Homeworld Shipbreakers

EQ Next

Ultimate General Gettysburg

Project Spark

Nostalgia For a New Era

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Its pretty slow in gaming right now, the new trend of early accessing games combined with the release of the new consoles has the new year starting off with a limp.

I'm a first generation gamer (was there for pong) and I'm ready for a new era's nostalgia to take over. Meaning most of the developers and writers are thirtysomethings, with a nostalgia for Nintendo because thats what the played when they were kids.

I was actually in college when the Nintendo era was big, and I didnt really get back into video games til the PS1 era hit. I hate to say it but I missed most of the Nintendo era. I was 19 and in college too busy partying to play games. As a kid I played Odessey2, Atarti 2600, Intellivision and finally Commodore 64 games. I fooled around with a Dreamcast a bit for NFL 2K, but stopped playing games for a while around the time Sega Genesis came out.

Didnt really pick it up again til after college with PS1 and PC games. Diablo, Warcraft, Starcraft, DOAC, EQ, CoD1, BF2. But I was mainly heavily a sports game player. Got back into gaming mainly because of Madden and NBA Live. (I'm pretty positive I could beat 90-precent of players on NBA Live 2003)

Anyway, I was just thinking about gaming at my PC here and currently I have a lull.

I'm not really interested in playing any of the games I currently have. I havent bought a next gen console yet (unimpressed by all the launch titles for all system except Killer Instinct for Xbone)) since most of the good games wont be out until summer, it made me think. I was thinking, "What where the type of games that I used to play as a kid that gave me the feeling of actually loving a game?" Thats what I want to see in a game.

We see flashes of brilliant here and there, 'Journey', 'Rymdkapsel', 'Tale of Two Brothers'' etc etc but this current era is stuck on repeat. How many more CoDs, BFs, D3 clones and WoW clones can gaming actually endure?

Most of the games out now, are based around concepts created in the Nintendo era because deep down thats what most of the thirtysomethings identify with nostalgically. Thats why certain genres like MMOs are kind of stagnating and theres a huge surge of 8-bit games. No offense to any of those things, but I'm ready to start hearing some nostalgia from a younger generation. Lets hear the nostalgia from the kids that where kids in the PS1, Xbox, PS2 era. Would be cool to see what some of the young people think are the great games of their generation and what they see the future of gaming being.

Just like Nintendo is nostalgia to the current gen, its not really old school for me. Old school for me was Quest For the Rings on Odessy2, Tron Deadly Disks on Intellivision, and text games like ZORK. The imagination used in those games is missing from the current era.

I have high hopes for only a few games:

Homeworld Shipbreakers, Camelot Unchained (you're my only hope for a good MMO left) and Kingdom Underfire II and No Man's Sky.

I want to see gaming turn into what we thought it would be when I was a kid.

Games Under the Radar

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both the Marvel Heroes and Neverwinter betas are actually a lot better than I was expecting. Only thing I really wish developers would get rid of is itemization and vendor trash. I hate the tedium of sorting trash and itemizing gear. MMOs needs to just focus on powers/abilities not gear.

Games I'm Waiting For 2013

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In order of my hyped level: 1. Kingdom Underfire II 2. Wild Star 3. Planetary Annihilation 4. Company of Heroes 2 5. Space Hulk 2013 is currently continuing the trend of AAA games not living up to the hype. Sad Wrath of Heroes closed down. Wish there was a good MMO to play

Overlooked Games of 2012 + Games I'm Looking Forward to in 2013

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Well another year has come and gone in gaming and I have to say I was kind of disappointed with 2012. There were some good games, but overall I think if not for the great indie games that dropped I probably could have passed on most of the sequel heavy AAA titles that came out in 2012. After all the GOTY smoke has cleared I would like to give some honorable mentions to games that I thought were above average that didnt really get the props they deserved in 2012. Not really a bunch of fanfare and in no particular order but here goes: 1. Sleeping Dogs This game was an outstanding action game and semi weird looking graphics aside, the combat was fun and fluid, had a variety of weapons, environmental combat and and awesome story. There needs to be an mmo made off of this engine. This game really didnt get the props it deserved as far as action rpgs go this was easily the best game of the year. 2. Fallen Enchantress This is turn based strategy game similar to Civilization but set in a fantasy world with monsters and magic spells. Bugs aside, this is a really outstanding game with a lot of depths and didnt get the pub it deserved. You will play this game and look up and it will be 5am and you wont even realize it. 3. Forge This is a third person action pvp game, it combines the best elements of FPS combat with fantasy WoW style pvp. The action is fast-paced and frantic but it is an enjoyable game. They are supposed to be adding more classes sort of how Wrath of Heroes does it, but this game is definitely worth picking up if you are a hardcore pvper looking for twitch skill-based challenge. 4.Natural Selection 2 All the hype is following Aliens Colonial Marines, but this game is basically the same concept but with better overall gameplay and creativity. This is a FPS game that pits xenomorphs versus marines in FPS style combat. There are different classes of aliens and marines. The kicker in this game is that it combines RTS with FPS and one player functions as a commander spawning bases, upgrades etc for the players running around on the map. This is probably the most underrated game of 2012. 5. War of the Roses This game is made by the people that made Mount & Blade. Its a pretty creative FPS style game bases in medieval times. It basically plays like CoD but you level up different classes and weapons with a dark ages theme. Its surprisingly very fun and the combat actually takes timing it not your typical hack n slash sword game. 6. Air Mech This is a free to play rts strategy game with transforming mechs. I love this game for its playability. Its easy to pick up and learn, the graphics are great and its very hard to master with a very competitive multiplayer. The gameplay is incredibly fluid and bug-free I recommend giving it a try. Games I'm Looking Forward to in 2013 1. Defiance I just want to see if they can pull off the game combined with tv show. The latest gameplay vids also look impressive. 2. Sins of a Dark Age I like MOBA games, but I find most of them to really lack depth as far as tactical skill requirements. Its mostly learn the op builds and spam the OP abilities. I love Stardock and hoping they bring a new layer of needed depth to the MOBA genre. 3. Company of Heroes 2 Company of Heroes is arguably the greatest game of all-time for me so actually having a really good RTS game to play in 2013 will be awesome. Hoping the new essence engine 3 doesnt transform CoH2 into a different game like dawn of war 2 did to the original dow. I wasnt a fan of the dow2 I found they dumbed the game down far too much for graphics sake. 4. An actual good next gen MMO. Thinking Bless or ArcheAge but I'm not counting on them to deliver. My hopes are for Neverwinter to succeed, but having played DDO I'm not getting my hopes up too far. 5. Dungeonland This game just looks really fun and creative. 6. Space Hulk Long time tabletop fan lets hope they do this right. Also a final note: Games that I thought would deliver but didnt live up to the hype: 1. Guild Wars 2 - While a beautiful game, after extended play all of the major flaws become apparent and just the design of the end game is overall bad. The bosses have lackluster mechanics and basically are all dodge or get one shotted, and the game is designed to make you grind for RNG based drops which are constantly stealth nerfed to force you to spend money in the cash shop. The biggest flaw in this game is that while named Guild Wars the entire game is mostly solo based and theres no real benefit for being in a guild. Like theres no actual WvW type tournaments for guild vs guild. (not Tpvp i'm talking say 20 v 20 or something) On top of this the game has terrible class balance and a mountain of bugs that break a few of the professions that they still havent bothered to fix but instead are pushing out fractal content to satisfy the no-lifers that play 8+ hours a day. Yeah I said it if you have 1200+ hours played in a game thats only been out 6 months you have no life. No I'm not a casual but get over it or get a life. 2. End of Nations I was really excited for this game and played a lot in the beta. But just the overall design isnt that great and I dont really think they can pull of what their original design was supposed to be. The game was supposed to have massive battles, but will really just turn into big maps with a bunch of small battles. Also, the balance is terrible. Needs a lot more work. 3. Firefall I was one of this games' biggest proponents when I saw the initial design concept and videos. But after playing the game for a while its just not delivering on what it was supposed to do. I think they bit off more than they can chew and they are stuck on the idea of the game being this ultra e-sport game and combining it with pve. The pvp isnt that great they really should just concentrate on making this game a pve game with say two factions and open world pvp to fight over the melding. The concept of the melding is one of the best ideas I have ever seen presented for MMO pve, but the desire to be an esport is dragging this game down like an anchor.
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