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Here's my starting list. 41 games.

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How's the Australian weather at the moment? I ask because I'm in Germany at the moment, freezing my arse off. The weather reports say the temperature, but they don't say much about the swimming conditions, etc. I heard there's a heat wave on though...

Quite pleasant in SE Queensland. It's overcast, a little drizzle and in the mid-20's.

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Everyone go update your 3DS. They've added Miiverse and Nintendo Network ID, so our 3DS purchases are finally tied to something.

Excellent, thanks!

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Yes mj, take note.

I married so I didn't have to date GameSpot users.

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Recieved my copy of Resident Evil Revelations for 3DS this morning that I bought from The Good Guys during that crazy clearance sale. A few hours ago I got an email from them saying that they are going to refund the remaining part of my order (I also ordered Kid Icarus but they to had backorder that) and I'll also recieve a $40 gift card from them.

This line is in the email: We are also in the process of dispatching as many remaining orders as possible however we are still waiting for final stock to come in from suppliers next week.

Does that mean they are still going to fulfill my Kid Icarus order? Honestly I have no problem if it doesn't, I'm just wondering. I'm getting a refund so I'm not fussed with that part of the order, plus they are giving me a $40 gift card for a $10 screw up. That's pretty generous, can't say I'm unhappy about it.

That whole sale was a debacle. I was one of the lucky ones who got their order straight away, but I've received a number of those emails and even a phone call to make sure my order went through.

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@Glenn3103 said:

Apologies for the large picture but I am too excited! She is complete!

Very tidy setup.

I recently finished my new build as well. Unfortunately, it's not quite as powerful or as neat as yours. I decided to cram all of mine into a Mini-ITX case to use it in the living room (i.e. a "Steam Box")

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@Zorine said:

@mjc I used to work in North Ryde! It's about a 15-20 minute drive from where I live. Very lovely area, the Macquarie Center shopping center is very nice too, been going there for 10+ years. Shoot me an email, I will do my best to answer any of your queries about the area and surrounding suburbs.

Thanks. Will do.

@mystic_knight Good to see someone with a love for Dodge. My Dodge Avenger just turned three and so far it's been the most reliable and economical car I've owned. Despite that, I cop quite a bit of flack about owning an American car.

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Are you looking to buy or rent? It makes a difference in suburb selection. Also Sydney is expensive and expect property to be around 750k plus for an old 60s/70s 3 bedroom brick home with a bit of land.

Also be honest and tell me what you like in your area ie location/shops/transport/schools etc, cause I can tell you the subtle differences between the neighbouring suburbs that isnt advertised by real estate. Some suburbs you may want to learn a second language to get by for example.

It'll depend on timing. We'll ultimately buy, but may have to rent until we can sell our current place. I'll be flying down soon to sign some papers with the uni, so I hope to work out timing with them then.

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@mjc said:

I'll know in a week or two if we're moving to Sydney or Brisbane.

It looks like Sydney is the winner. I'll be looking for a place close to work in North Ryde. Are there any locals who know what the area is like?

Yes, its where I grew up, well West Ryde technically. North Ryde is better than West Ryde though. North Ryde is not uber snobby rich but certainly is of higher standards than most Sydney suburbs.

Ryde is the 3rd oldest council in Australia so you will find a lot of heritage listed homes and land. However there are plenty of modern homes as well. Its a leafy middle class area and roughly 15km from the Sydney CBD and you can hop on the M2 motorway by bus or drive obviously, recently a train line was put in the area to also get you to the city.

It has a large shopping centre Macquarie Centre and uni Macquarie Uni, cant forget the golf course plus plenty of business areas as well. In Ryde you also have a hospital and in Top Ryde you get another shopping centre and is a major transport hub for buses that also gets you to the Sydney CBD.

If you want to save some money for a slightly lesser suburb in the council, look at Marsfield or Macquarie Park. If you want a more expensive area to live in Ryde which is slightly better & East Ryde which is very expensive. Gladesville is another suburb you may want to consider.

I know the area very well, like I said I grew up in Ryde and also worked in the area when I worked at Pizza Hut, I covered the entire council. I can nail it down to a street more or a less and tell you if its a good area or not. I can even tell you what nationalities will live in each suburb depending on what your preferences are.

Thanks for the info. I'll be working at the uni, so I'll probably try to stay as close as possible to reduce the commute. I'll start poking around real estate sites soon and post some ideas to see if you and anyone else is familiar with the areas.