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Cool. Thanks guys.

I'm gonna go for Overlord and Shadow Broker for now. I'll consider Arrival if it's really necessary, but that isn't an add-on I need immediately anyway since it's meant to bridge ME2 and 3, so I'll wait for more opinions on that one.

Here Neon I have played all the DLC's on my 360 and Kasumi content is just a new character that can be very useful and will give a side quest with her in 3 and you have the stuff that you did not like in 2 with the loyalty quests, now I do not remember if lair or overlord came first and LotSB is a pretty good piece with a couple of boss battles and brings back Li'ara, but they are both must have's and Arrival is a bridge between 2 and 3. So either way you should
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I have been having this same problem with my review on Ghost Recon: Future Soldier and this as just recently been a problem and I am hoping something can be done it has been like this since last Friday or so for me.
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Yeah Hi,

I'd like to point out that I wrote a user review for Dead to Rights: Retribution at this moment and when I went to check the spelling it keep prompting me that I had to enter a score for it when I already had score for and then when I added the the score and every thing else I wen to select check spelling mistakes and it submitted my review and then when I tried to go to edit the review through DTR's: Retribution page it took me to it and then e=sent me to an error 404 crap what is going on with this web site. why is every thing all buggy and does not want to work properly and now when I select to delete the review it also takes me to a 404 error page, please fix this as as soon as you can.

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I'm still waiting to access my review to Need for Shift 2: unleashed, I know you will have working soon.

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Yeah it has happened to me again the 404-error thing has popped up when going to my user review of Need fo Speed Shift 2: Unleashed and this has now happenede to me about 4 time, ah well I hope you guys fix this problem soon, thank you.

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yeah I'm having this 404 errorproblem again I had it last week with with such games as Forza 3 and X-Blades when trying to access my user review's for them and could not even access the game page and now I'm having this problem with the Call of Juarez: Bound in Blood right now and I'm not sure if anymore links like this are havin these errors but I can be patient and hopefully it is fixed soon so I can access my review's, and Thank you.

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The error 404 thing is popping up for me as well when I'm going to check my user reviews that I have done like X-Blades earlier today and now with my Forza 3 review and their seems to be a problem even with the direct link with with the games page over and I do not know how many more are having issues. So I just hope you guys here at GameSpot fix this problem.