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It keeps saying "noscript filtered potential cross site scripting attempt" it keeps saying that when I go on my hotmail accounts, wtf??

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I don't use gamespot much anymore, if I did I would post here but I don't really use it, I am on PSN a lot though, I sent you a message of my PSN name so add me.

I have a facebook but I never use it, always on PSN.

Do you have a motorcycle??

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Cups, cause the cups I drink out of are made of plastic.

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[QUOTE="joshrocks2245"][QUOTE="Gianhardy141"]you still buy SVR games?!?!?!? i Stopped at 2009 as they were mediocre and such far better titles... So whats next with this new WWE game? Gianhardy141

Yeah :D I buy them because you can download created wrestlers, thats why :P It's awesome. Theres going to be a bunch of legends, and you can make your own ring and announce table I think. It looks awesome, I don't know when I am going to get it though.

Come on lol RPG's allow so much more depth than that :P

SVR arent really games to me anymore lol. In Ps2 era almost any game can be really worth getting as long as it was above a 7.

In this generation games have innovated and brought so much to the market that SVR dosent seem good anymore. IMO tho lol

and as for games I've played recently

Skyrim, Dark Souls, and Dragon Age: Origins

I plan on getting Game of thrones, and Kingdom of Amalur

Sorry I haven't responded in so long, I don't use gamespot much anymore I'm on PS3 all the time, so you should add me on there.

Yeah I know, WWE 12 is ok I played it but it's not the greatest, I still like the PS2 wrestling games better.

Nice, I've played GTA episodes of liberity city, fight night champion and batman arkham asylum lately :D I don't know what games I'm going to be buying though.

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I'm trying to change my password but it won't send me any emails.

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Josh please just get a mac.JigglyWiggly_

I am going to get one, one day soon I hope.

So everyone thinks I should be fine if it was just on youtube I clicked it?? Alrighty thanks.

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Umm...did bad stuff happen or what?LordsLoss

No I just heard doubleclick ads are back to click, it was by accident though.

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I clicked youtube space lab by accident on the right side and it said the address was, is it bad that I clicked this?

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I try to go to chat and it gives me this error: 800223AD and if I try to join 5 times it lets me, or I have to turn my PS3 off and turn it back on. Yesterday when I tried to go on GT5 it said a connection to the server could not be established and I had to restart my PS3 then it worked.

Why am I getting these errors??

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How about doing nothing?Ravensmash

Doing nothing so I can die?? If someone poisons me, will it taste different the food or drink?