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I have surgery in a few days

I have inguinal hernia surgery on Thursday, I'm not looking forward to it at all. I really hope I make it out of there alive :P It is just a minor surgery though, I just am afraid of the anesthesia. Hope everything goes fine though.

Youtube is the best site ever

I thought I should make a blog post cause I haven't made one for such a long time. I want to talk about one of my favorite sites, youtube. It's great cause anything I want to watch is on there, there is so much music to discover on there, it has so many epic videos. I have around 35 playlists on there and I add all the videos I like to them and I got so many added, I love that site :D I also love gamespot too though :P

Who else likes youtube?

Just legally bought all of the Cures songs

I've been buying a lot of music lately and figured I would buy all the Cures albums and so far I've listened to a few songs and I am happy with my purchase. Almost every song is amazing, Robert Smith has an awesome voice, they aren't like happy songs but they are really good.

Why do I even bother watching reviews anymore?? It's pointless

I bought a new game last night called Need for speed Carbon for the PS2 and it's a really good game. I watched a review by Gametrailers and they said a lot of bad things about the game. When I played the game I didn't notice any of that though, he said things like the customization isn't that good and he said it doesn't look that good, but I think all the customization in this game looks great.

Reviewers never seem to have the same opinion as me, so I don't get why I even care what they say. I remember back in about 2000 I bought Pokemon Stadium and loved that game, played it like crazy. A few years later I seen the scores for it on this site and other sites and it got horrible scores, I found that strange because it's one of my favorite games.

I am not going to read reviews anymore because it's pointless, I never agree with them so it's pointless to read/watch reviews anymore.

What I got for Christmas :D

Uncharted 2, smackdown vs raw 2010, burnout paradise, legends of wrestlemania, socom us navy seals, guitar hero 5, ferrari challenge, skate 2, the godfather 2, splinter cell pandora tomorrow, tekken 6, new mario bros for ds, 2 sweatshirts, 3 boxes of chocolates, 2 model cars, 3 magazines, and a nightmare on elm street poster.

I am happy I got all those games, I will be busy for a while now :P

This is a very sad thing

It's sad how OT became filled with non sense and trolls and people who only post 1 word replies.

I don't know why I post there, OT used to be great when all the older users were there, I miss those times.
Now it's filled with new and young 13 year olds, who post girl help threads 500 times a day and can only post 1 word replies and don't have a sense of humour.

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