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other than the scientific fact that the world has not shown any trend towards warming over the last century.

the man made Global Warming scam has however made guys like Al Gore rich(er) while they use tonnes of electricity - enough in his mansion to keep a small city powered.

but then if you want to listen to scare mongers rather than scientists and use insults rather than arguments that is your choice

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I can't believe there are still people who fall for the man made Global Warming scam.

they accidentally have the truth but not man made - we are entering one of the natural cycles and appear to in the early stages of Global Cooling just as we were warned about some 40 years ago.

The sun is at an ebb right now - it has been reported that there is a low similar to the last mini ice age with a lack of sun spot activity so there is less solar heat reaching us.

in the 1700's there were Ice festivals on the Thames and Washington didn't need to use a boat to cross the Rappahanock (not the Delaware) because it was frozen due to the mini-ice age and could be crossed on foot. Remember the stories of how he and his men suffered in the the unusually long and cold winter.

we are nearing that again.....the warnings I heard during my uni years in the 70s about the onset of Global Cooling were actually the truth - NOT this Global Warming scare which has only been used to line the pockets of a few politicians and their buddies in certain industries.

It will take a long time but the world does appear to be in the early stages of a mini-Ice Age.

In other words......Global Cooling

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He has never had poutine, Tims Bits or coffee from Tim Hortons.

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My I.Q. i over 70 - the man that started the Bigfoot scam admitted it 40 years ago and when he died his daughter did a documentary and showed the costume he made and wore that was still in his basement and it is identical to the tape that fooled the guy who took it years ago.

You have to want to believe in order to fall for this obvious fake.

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You use your Television instead of a monitor - that is the point.

I also have my PS3 and my PS2 hooked up to the same television that is connected to my PC tower.

I can move any of them to the family room and connect to the other TV if and when I desire.

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why choose one or the other, aren't they the favourite pastimes of everyone here?

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Yes I have and I do almost every year.

I have made a small amount of minor edits

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of course we should. When I spent time in other countries I had to learn Celsius because I believe that besides the U.S. of A. the only country left that still uses the old Fahrenheit system is Liberia lol.

America should come out of the 19th century and use the metric system like the modern world.

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those are all good Indzy - I also liked Jetsons, Tom Terrific, and Johnny Bravo.

and I still watch cartoons and Doctor Who as much as anything else

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my dad still uses a VCR, some of the really old shows he likes only come on tape.

I have DvDs and Blu Ray.