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Piffles and Sniffles

when I just a little tyke my favourite cartoon was Mary Jane and Sniffles.

Thanks to reruns I saw it for a few years after they quit making new episodes and comics.

for the many of you who are unfamiliar with this cartoon it is about a little girl and her mouse friend.

when Mary Jane says:

"Magic words of poof poof piffles, make me just as small as Sniffles."

she shrinks to the same size as Sniffles the mouse and has adventures, usually in the lawn or the house.

once I can remember they went to the North Pole and helped Santa.

it was the type of silly things that were meant to entertain little kids.

It was sort of the My Little Pony of many, many years ago.

what are some of the shows that you remember from your younger days?

and can you still watch them without resorting to Hulu or youtube...

I'm sort of back

Ive been sick in bed for the last 6 days so I haven't been doing much of anything except coughing,

and molting. the last couple days I did catch up on all my missing episodes of Doc Martin.

Despite nothing much ever really happening on the show I have become addicted to it.

America makes more shows but my favourites have been produced in the U.K. for years.

Here are just a few of my faves you may remember:

Doctor in the House

Sapphire and Steel

All Creatures Great and Small

The Saint

The Avengers

Keeping Up Appearances.

As Time Goes By

Doc Martin

and I've watched Dr Who since the first Doctor

Happy Boxing

Time to share the excess and go to some after Christmas sales.

I hope everyone had a great holiday and have a Happy Boxing Day

the reason I say holiday season is that I include Bohdi and Yalda in the holiday season.

The Ugly American is still active.

For anyone who has read the 1958 novel "The Ugly American" which was amazingly accurate for the time we have just gotten proof that this syndrome is alive and well in American politics.

The novel takes place in a supposedly fictional southeast Asian nation but that was when we began interfering in the eventually failed struggle to combat the "evil" of international communism.

notice how Mandela who was on the terrorist list and not allowed a visa to the United States is now hailed as a hero?

In the novel, a Burmese journalist says "For some reason, the [American] people I meet in my country are not the same as the ones I knew in the United States. A mysterious change seems to come over Americans when they go to a foreign land. They isolate themselves socially. They live pretentiously. They're loud and ostentatious."

What has happened recently is the same double standard.

United States embassies are considered American soil and beyond touch in the countries they visit however our government evidentally does not believe in giving the same treatment to their "supposed" allies.

Witness the treatment of Devyani Khobragade, the Deputy Consul General of India, hardly a simple staff member, who was arrested and strip searched in New York.

For espionage or being a threat to the security of the government?

it must have been something really serious, right?

she was accused by her maid of not providing her with a proper salary and not treating her nicely.

In case anyone is unfamiliar with international protocol the embassies are not required to follow the American system of jurisprudence even while over here - there is a thing called "Diplomatic Immunity" which our government considers sacrosanct for out diplomats but is ignoring for the visiting dignitaries and that is why the Government of India is in such an uproar and I don't blame them a bit.

Considering that for some reason Ms Khobragde is still under charges I would expect that without these chareges being dropped forthwith and both she and her government being given an immediate apology I would expect and even hope that our Ambassador be expelled and returned to Washington.

This is an inexcusable mistake and faux pas by the Untied States (not a spelling error)

p.s. in the book "The Ugly American" that sobriquet applies to the diplomats and the majority of the businessmen.

the hero of the book was a man who lived among the people of the country he loved, spoke the language and did his best to improve the lives of those who had the hardest lives.

the ideal of the Peace Corp rather than the reality where largely untrained volunteers are dropped in and create havoc as often as they aid the people they wish to help. Volunteers by Tom Hanks is one of my favourite movies though.

Hello to everyone I haven't met as of yet

There are plenty of people here I don't know and some of you I do know only know my profile name.

I'm Jim a gaming grampa from the western part of the United States.

in my Air Force days I was a liaison with the RAAF for a time and played a bit of Australian Rules Football.

this happened mostly because my Colonel noticed I spelled honour instead of honor and since that was the only difference between me and the other blokes he had under consideration I got an assignment I didn't know existed.

I was the best job I ever had and besides it was partly as a result of this I ended up going to Philippines and South Korea.

this was a time of unrest in Korea because it was not too long after President Park Chung-Hee was assassinated.

I helped a Korean girl who was being harassed by a couple of GIs and ended up in a relationship for a couple of years.

Jobless and desperate isn't anything new

back in the dad broke his neck so I had to skip university and stay home and get a job.

I had hoped to stay with relatives and I also had a scholarship that covered tuition and books.

I got work at the local hardware store and went to a couple of community colleges and transferred to State.

the job at the hardware ended when the owners son left school and came home.

I couldn't find anything else and wound up with the Air Force which wasn't bad as an career goes.

It wasn't my first choice but my father had been in the Army and my padrastro (stepdad) was a Marine Gunny.

I was married for a few years to a girl who was the daughter of a Korean military man.

Doctor Who

I had been having difficulties with interruptions in service with both internet and television.

Changed cable companies and after two days I can see better service, beside there are more channels.

I get BBC America and can watch Doctor Who without looking for replays on the internet.

I grew up on The Doctor and have seen most of the episodes.

I remember all the Doctors and companions

For too long now we have had to cope without UNIT and The Brigadier

my favourite Doctors:

Tom Baker

Peter Davison - he made a proper cricketer - I still see Tristan Farnon

David Tennant

Chris Eccleston

Jon Pertwee - he had style and great old time car "Bessie" - Worzel Gummidge

in fact the only Doctor I didn't care for was Colin Baker, he was annoying.

another low point was the mediocre Sylvester McCoy.

I know they still use the UNIT name but it is not the same entity as with Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart from

the glory days of The Doctor

why all the hate on Lance Armstrong

look what he accomplished while on drugs.

while I was on drugs I could barely walk to my car without falling down.

and once I made it there I had trouble driving a kilometre before crashing

and I did more than once.

I wouldn't have dared riding a bicycle on drugs like Lance and he won a few races.

I would think he would be congratulated for managing to stay upright much less winning :P

I am urging and also trying to show patience

for a couple of reasons.

I trust that the admins and techs will finish getting this site in order and they will finish fully integrating livefyre into the new Gamespot which will make a huge difference especially with our ability to make comments.

and that I'll figure out what is going on with my browsers. both AVG and now Avast warn me that both the old and now the new Gamespot are not to be trusted and also as soon as I try to load Firefox Avast gives me the the malicious url warning and will not let me update that site because of this. I have sent the message on them regarding this issue and will work on updating my drivers but that was supposed to have been done already.

to be honest I had forgotten about the drivers until Alexandra (VintAge68) mentioned it when we were talking yesterday.