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i would most definitly yes !!!! the problem lies in fundamentalist christianism=nazi ism Republicans trying to infiltrate the minds of the free !!!!!!!

would love to have xbox 360 players VS PS3 player matches!!!!!!!!!!!! 2 c who's better!!!!

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Reviewers play to many games (every single one that comes out ) i cant afford this.

i never thought id like a 6/10 game BRINK

campaign should be bigger and longer on seperate disc dont try to just tack on multiplayer

so when they give a game a six if its known for good multi this must mean its really an eight!

(Bioshock) dont charge us for new campaign material after wefinish your game put out a full game in the first place!!!!!!

Happy game ing

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bought for dirt cheap brand new does not work load all the way to start screen then says connecting to ea servers and then nothing

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they damage very easily unlike standard dvds or hd dvds
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with the new pricedrop on all 360's you would be @#$#@ not to just keep it !!!!!!!!!
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go with the 360 how can you even question it ?ps3 is a forced down your throat blue ray player that even this year lost out in the comparison reviews of games on both systems live is the best and in the end even though your payin for it the 50$ card

= out to something like 17 pennies a day

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to all of you reading this thinking that wont ever happen to my beloved x box well think again  mine has worked perfect since i got it in november  and after 4 days of hell i finally called and hope to be shippin mine off soon  so was it the up date that did it what happens when i get it back connect the hardrive to find out that something on the hard drive is corrupt and have the same problem all over again   i downloaded the update everything was fine a friend came over and we watched a movie on hd drive no probs  then the next time i tried to play dead rising it froze up turned off got red rings freaked out what in the helllll    then tried all the tips at support  my 360 never had a heating issue it worked for a little while then started freezing up during menu  im upset that this has not been made more public by microsoft so people had this problem before the update ?      5 months not even 6 months this makes me nervous i love 360 but come on micro soft i coulda waited a couple months if id known and bought a black one with 120 gb for $79  more                good luck gamers  microsoft dont fail us now  never in all my life of gaming all the way back to the 2600 atari  have i had a system fail  so fast       and what a month of xbox live for my troubles lets hope i get it back in a month then i guess ill come out even:(