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Thanks, i checked the spelling of the folder and it was correct :P but i will copy everything to desktop then put it back on my psp. Thanks again!
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-.- spelling mistake! yall know what i mean.
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I made a PICTURE folder in PSP while it was connected to my Laptop and put the pics into that folder but when i go to photos on the XMB it says that i can put pics on from my ps3 or computer? But i already have some on!?

I dont think it could be that its a JPN psp and i live in UK ? Could it. I bought it on eBay and bought a memory stick from game, didnt format thought everything would be fine - i have loads of save games on it as well.

When i plug it in via USB Cable the only folders in psp are the one for game saves and system + my added PICTURE folder?

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Awsome thanks guys i dont really know much about psp's lol

Thanks again!

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I am getting a Psp from Japan, i have a psp that i bought from the uk, would i be able to charge the new psp with the old uk's charger - if not i have found a universal plug thing so that i can plug japanese items into uk plugs effectivley but would rather i didnt need to buy that.

Any help is appreciated.

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So i am buying a new memory stick (8gb) and i am still currently using the memory stick that comes with the psp (30mb or something lol) anyway, i was wondering how i can get all my old saves onto the new memory stick cause i really dont feel like losing them :D thanks!
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Play a psp game using your tv screen ? I know you can veiw your ps3 screen on your psp screen but whats the point ??

I just want to know if you can play a psp game on the tv screen :? thanks in advance.

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Thanks for the quick reply :D i am going to order one now :D. Thanks again!
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I was wondering about importing a white controller (Dual Shock 3) from japan and was wondering if it would work on my UK ps3. I am not dying for rumble but would just like to get one now - and would it just be like using a normal controller etc.