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Halo 3!

Got halo 3 today...It is amazing!

Latest blog post in weeks :P been busy as hell latley.

Youtube account

Since i cant upload videos to Gamespot at the moment i made a Youtube account for all my FF Related videos and called it FFInternational1 - I have uploaded all the FF12 vids so far as well as a new video :D and here is the link

Critical mode on KH2:Fm

Wow its actually a lot harder than i thought it would be, i just thought you wouldnt get any HP/MP bonuses but the enemies are a lot tougher and much better to fight. I actually died on Axel the first battle in Twilight Town as Roxas :shock: as well as Setzer he actually killed me :shock: I am on Day6 and am lvl2 Good thing is when you start Critical mode you get a whoping 50 Ap :D and Abilities including Finish Plus, draw, Mp Hastega and theres more.

And FF12:International was released today, my order is being processed. I cant wait for that game :D

Camera Back on Monday

So i get my camera back on Monday which means more videos :D They will still be poor quality though since its still a digital camera but i searched for Capture Cards for a while and only found PCI Express card and i need AGP.

Whoa Japanese Text ?

Ok, so i opened up my Sound Max today and it seems that the Text has changed to Japanese. But only for that ??

Check these out ?

1 - Link

2 - Link

3 - Link

Japan has took over my pc :lol:


I just got it :D

3/4 Imports so far :D FFXII International is pre-ordered :P

There wont be Images/Vidoes until i get the camera back since my father took it to england with him :( Soon as i get it back i will make a couple of videos.

Edit: In the spirit of the moment here is some Japanese stuff :P

ヴァン - Vaan

アーシェ - Ashe

フラン - Fran

バルフレア - Balthier

バッシュ - Basch

パンネロ - Penelo

Edit : My new sig :P

KH2:Fm+ Pics and videos.

Hey guys its what you've been all been waiting for :D :P

Front Cover - Link

Back Cover - Link

RE:Com Disc and Booklet - Link

Re:Com video 1 - Link

Re:Com Video 2 - Link

Re:Com Video 3 - Link

KH2:FM Video - Link

Sorry for all poor angles, still using a Digital Camera.

Theres only 1 KH2:Fm video since i am not far yet, and its only me creating a new game for critical mode.

The disc in the Case is the Re:Com disc since i had Final Mix in when i took these, but its the same colour of silver but has the pic of Sora and roxas with the lollypops, the same as Sora and riku on the Re:Com disc.