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@SoNin360: what you said is really the gist of things. Some are good and some are bad. It's just some gamers don't make the distinction and buy everything in site. In the end it's what they want to do with their money, but buying junk DLC is just encouraging more JUNK to be made. Thanks for the reponse.

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@loafofgame: I thoroughly agree that it is the tendency for bloggers (and gamers) to criticize something and have no solution. I am not one of those ppl. What can be done you ask? Well ---

As gamers we could evaluate which games we buy DLC for carefully. This would send a message to publishers on being more focused on games they make

We could voice our opinions directly to a company that makes sub standard DLC. Detailing what we thought was good, bad, and improvements needed.

Game companies could release more beta of DLC or proposed ideas for it. Gauging public intrest.

While saying what do we do about it true and good outside of being a designer the above is a few short list of what we as gamers can do. Offering up constructive criticism is a way of addressing things that need to be fixed. I whole heartily agree with you though that if you don't have solutions then it's best not to complain. The truth of the matter is unless you're an older or nature person you won't even think to address this stuff. Lets face it most teen age gamers just want the game parents are buying it so what do they care about the cost? In the end gaming is enjoyable and it's always my option to stop, but this is just my feeble attempt to address things.

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@El_Zo1212o: I don't recall mentioning paying for characters was good. What I did say was that's how these companies baited people in. Games like tekken tag 2 had time released DLC which cost nothing to gamers.

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@MirkoS77 said:

I don't find graphics to be overrated at all. In fact, I think there's a tendency of many to downplay their role and importance. Are they the end all be all decisive element to base whether a game is worthwhile or not? Of course not, but visuals are nonetheless an integral part of the enjoyment of this medium; a large one. I'm refusing to play Dark Souls II, for example, until all versions are released and hopefully the graphics will eventually live up to what FROM has been showing since the reveal.

"Gameplay is all that matters" I find to be overly idealistic hogwash. Graphics do matter more than people want to admit.

Umm I can respect where you're coming from, but Id have to disagree. there are tons of games with sub par graphics that gamers would play. I enjoyed Rumble Roses XX on xbox and it had sub par graphics (just one example) but to each their own.

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@Shmiity: I love Chrono trigger to this day because of what you just said it wasn't a graphical power house in any way (well maybe for its time) but the other elements brought it together excellently

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@mesomorphin: Oh man I couldn't agree with you more on all your points. I totally forgot about mine craft. Oh and it use to kill me when ppl use to say Xbox version was better graphically than Ps3. I have several games on both systems and the differences were so minute you'd need a magnifying glass for it to matter.

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@bowchicka07: I can respect what you are saying but I can't fully agree Games at their core have remained the same since Playstation 2 and Xbox ERA......NOT all games, but the basic formula is there. Take hasn't changed since San Andreas and it probably won't.

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@Sefrix: Thats an awesome and very true observation....Its crazy how the 3DO proposed these things years ago and ppl rejected it. Now ppl clamor over it and can't get enough. I think more and more hard core gamers are going to revert to PC. The exclusives keep me grounded in using the PS3....the Xbox 360 started out the gate with exclusives and then lost steam quick. All in all you're right tho.....I think my ned BLOG will cover this.