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Hey Y'all Youtube gaming channel is ok

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What good guys been a little bit since I stopped by. Been gaming and making youtube videos which is very fun. Speaking of which the gaming channel is going ok, but not getting bigger. No matter its fun so Im good with that. If you get a chance check it out YOUTUBE search Gaming SO Spectacular or tap this link to watch:

Talk to y'all later...thanks and BYE BYE

Things are going GREAT

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Hey guys (anyone who pays attention),

Things are going way better than I expected with my new Youtube channel. Also I have been gaming a lot more these days. My back log is still huge, but I am devising a way to resolve that. Well hope things are going well in your worlds. Keep gaming and if you can't be good, be good at it.....PEACE

Are sounds and music in gaming important?

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As we all know games are reviewed in sections and for good reason. Games more so than movie hinge on a lot of elements coming together to make it worth the 59.99$ USD price tag. One of those areas is music and sound. Is sound in gaming as important as some of us think? Well let me ask you this have you ever turned of the sound in a Smack down game? If you answered yes then you might have an idea of why the sound of a game is needed. A lot of people wouldn’t even look at sound as a factor, but a true gamer knows its value. Still some could make a good argument that sound isn’t necessary to enjoy a game. The Xbox 360 offered gamers the option to turn on whatever music you wanted while playing your favorite games (which was a stroke of genius). Some games don’t really even have music while your playing for example most sports games like Madden or 2K basket ball. Lets explore this idea of music being an option or not.

Pros—With the right type of music playing at the right time…so much feeling and power can be achieved. You can probably remember some of your favorite game’s music right now if you tried. The theme form Mario Bros., Mega Man 2 Crash man’s stage, The Street Fighter 2 theme or Ken’s stage, or how about any tune from Final Fantasy 7? These and more games can cause you to hum tunes uncontrollably or even have a buddy join in with you. I remember playing Chrono Trigger and Chrono Cross with the music giving me a certain feeling of awe. It pulled me into the story and had me invest interest in the adventure before me. Cut away from great music to Voices used in gaming. I remember when you had to just imagine how your favorite character sounded like. When you played Final Fantasy 7 or Metal Gear you had no voice to talk to you or comfort you. The dialogue had to be that intriguing to get you wrapped up into the game. Then Final Fantasy 10 and Metal Gear Solid came along and solidified what you already knew to be true. These characters sounded as awesome as they looked. With the proper voice actors a game can take you to new heights. Madden wouldn’t have been Madden if you didn’t hear John Madden and Pat Summeral. Finally What about the plain old sound effects? Every gun blasting, creek and cracks of floor boards, or the clang of steal as two weapons hit in a fighting game like Soul Calibur matters. It’s undeniable that these things wouldn’t be the same if sound weren’t present. When Call of Duty Modern Warfare arrived I lost count at how many people were astounded by how the weapons sounded. The realism was very much alive in those guns. Yes there is no doubt about it that sound effects can bring things full circle

When it comes down to sounds and music in a game might not be necessary, but without them gaming could be changed, and for the worst. Could you picture Halo with no theme music? Imagine for a second no realistic weapon sounds in a Call of Duty series. Would you buy a Rock band games with songs mad by your local garage band? If the answers to these questions were yes then you’d have to agree that Music/Sound in games is not only needed, but also definitely warranted and unacceptable if it isn’t good. I don’t want to envision a gaming world with no music, sound effects, or voices, as these things are much need to bring the experience full circle. With that being said if you don’t agree; turn on your favorite game and mute the TV…. then come back and let me know how it worked out. Just in case you do disagree with this point use the comments section below and let me know why. Until next time if you can’t be GOOD, be GOOD at it. PEACE!

Is Innovation in gaming dead?

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There was a period in gaming history when developers consistently sought out new and fresh approaches to making games. Some games were so great it changed the face of gaming. Games such as: Metal Gear Solid, Grand Theft Auto 3, Gears of war, and 2K5 football not only pushed the boundaries of their perspective genres, but also became measuring sticks of sorts. When a new fresh game hits the scene and it is so well put together that not only everyone wants it, but it enhances why we play games it helps the industry. When a game sets a new standard for others to be measured against everyone benefits. The question here is: Is innovation in gaming dead? What’s the last game you remembered that shook things up so to speak? Well let’s take a look at why innovation is important in the first place.

What is innovation? Well Webster’s defines it as: the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs. With that being said let’s look at some innovative titles. When 2K games arrived on the scene many opposed them, because the favorite EA sports had been dominating sports gaming for quite some time. The biggest sport title, (and still is) at the time was Madden football. Sega’s 2K sports soon began to gain steam and with the release of NFL 2K5 the stakes were at an all time high. NFL 2K5 did so many things that no other football game had done before to include its own predecessors. Never before had a game used an ESPN license in such a manner as this game did. The TV style presentation was super real. The half time show boasted interviews with on the field players and included a full blown sports cast. With a wealth of other features it pushed Madden football into a corner. On top of all the things it did; it offered an irresistible price tag of 19.99$. It forced Madden football to also drop its price. Madden football had to come up with similar features in order to compete. In short NFL 2K football changed the way football games were being made at the time. Isn’t that innovation by definition? If you followed things from that point until present day I’m sure you have seen how things have turned out. EA frightened by true competition, and unwilling to lose its cash cow bought the NFL license. Effectively silencing its competition and killing future innovation in the football gaming world.

Let’s move on to another game that set the bar higher. First person shooters are probably one of the most improved upon gaming genre. Over time various games brought new standards to this category. Doom, Halo, and Duke Nukem all changed FPS’ in different ways. For a while somehow FPS were stuck in the era of WW2. For a time things were exciting. Playing Medal of Honor and Call of Duty became normal and standard. Several sequels of these titles passed before the programmers at Infinity Ward had a bright idea. That idea was “What if we took FPS into a modern era of war?”. Thus producing Call of Duty: Modern Warfare which while not doing anything new by way of control it made massive head way by simply changing time frames. Never before had any war related games been based (however loosely) on a modern conflict. It presented a new dynamic which allowed for different and more realistic weaponry, and a plethora of other things. To a greater extent albeit not the greatest game Medal of Honor (2010) was the first game to be totally based on a real world conflict EVER! That still is a form of innovation. It’s doing something that hasn’t been done before. It met market needs. With all that being said the modern war fighter game is now a forgone area.

Now that we have examined examples let’s talk about why is innovation needed. Think about this: If you went to school every year and learned the same thing from the same teacher would you still want to go? If security measures weren’t continuously improved would you stay with it? We once had Myspace, but things got old and people thirsted for new blood which gave birth to Face book. Innovation is needed to not only keep things fresh, but also to meet new demands. It’s there to improve things for the better not just for the sake of change. So let’s address the main question: Is innovation dead in gaming? Well to answer that think about what the last true game that changed something. They are far and few between these days to be honest. Grand Theft Auto 5 was cookie cutter. Every Madden is cookie cutter. Titanfall....remove wall jumps, and some mechs you have cookie cutter.

So is innovation dead in gaming? I’d answer no, but it sure is on a big hiatus. There a few games trying to shake things up, but for the most part game developers are fine with playing it safe. So devs will stick with tried and true methods to sale their games. We as the consumers aren’t demanding new and fresh titles like we should so until then we will get what we get. Chances are if an innovative game burst onto the scene these days it’s because a game maker was passionate about producing a high quality product either out of the love of gaming or because they wanted to make a superior product to sale. So the answer is: No! Innovation is not dead in gaming, but it sure is taking a heck of a vacation right now. Well until next time if you can’t be GOOD be GOOD at it. PEACE!