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Thief will be available on PC (dedicated), the upcoming Xbox, and the Playstation 4. Not sure if the Wii U is getting a release, but I wouldn't be suprised in the future if that happened, considering Eidos just recently showcased Deus Ex: Human Revolution for the console.

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Mission 3: Break from Cragscleft Prison....?


The beginning of that mission will be forever etched in my memory.

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This is a perfectly legit issue with DRM that steam uses and I'm simply using it as an example to inform anyone that doesn't know what they're actually buying into when they get games on steam. I'm not continuing this discussion further due to the volitile nature of the comments here. I asked though that the topic be kept civil.. There you go anyways.

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Let's say someone with skyrim has a bunch of mods and they don't want to update thier game. They check the box to not update and then go offline. Well, sooner or later the Steam client will tell them that they must connect to net, in order to verify that they are the rightful owners of the content. There's no way around it. Apparently contesting the purchase for a refund has caused other people's accounts to be closed, due to Valve's zero tolerance policy and due to fraudulent behavior in general on Steam..... Apparently valve does not do refunds for digital downloads.

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For all those single player games out there, it can't be stressed enough, but here's one more. C'mon folks, before you use your wallets, read at least about what you're getting into before buying a video game, if you really love the games you play.

You should be able to play them as long as you want, whenever you want, wherever you want.

Here's an incident that happend today with Steam involving the required updates for Steam games. It's been happening for a while, but it's caused many issues for people that own games like Skyrim, which usually have a plethora of mods.

the same person posted in the Tips section

Feel free to discuss, but please keep it civil here. I just wanted provide info for people that use steam or might use it for future gaming.

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$30 is my standard. I won't buy any game over that amount... and even then $20 is a looooooooong shot for me. Steam has made me a cheap PC gamer :PCrazyKilljoy117

lol That's awesome. I used to actualy have a limit of $20, before people started disallowing the sale of used pc games in retail stores, every once in a while I'd get a game for my birthday or christmas that was new. You just got me wondering, again, about what exactly standard will mean in terms of pc gaming prices in the future.

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Ah, well those prices are the same in my area too. But look at it this way: All three games will be as big as the original campaign, plus they will be spaced apart knowing how long blizzard takes to develop their games. Also you can skip any campaign that you don't want.

While its much more expensive as a whole,in the end you end getting more and you have more choices as a consumer. The only valid complaint that still remains is that fact that things aren't in one nice little package like theywere. But the thing is, you still have the choice to buy things how you want. I hope you can see things better now, as I felt the same way about things in the beginning,butnowit's simply: More = better. :)


Maybe that's what's changing :| The whole "nice little package" deal. I suppose now adays games are split into small manageable chunks while keeping prices consistent? lol I'm a bit confused still, but I think your messege gave me all the more perspective on future pricing standards for pc games. This probably applies to console gaming too, but that's for another topic!

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I've loved the death knight character since its playable inception in warcraft 2 :| so, my vote goes to wrath of the lich king

I thought the sound track was pretty nice also, including the burning crusade and the original WoW

I like how the lore was fleshed out even more over time. It would make for a truely epic rts game if blizzard ever decided to make a new warcraft rts.

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It isn't anything new really, as blizzard charged $60 for Warcraft 3 when it came out in 02. And when looking at the whole picture Blizzard isn't actually gouging their fanbase, seeing as WoW was only $50, while it's expansions were only $40.

I can understand concern over what may be pointing to a change in the industry, but I just don't see it happening when taking these factors into consideration.


It's just starcraft that I"m mentioning because I'm planning to get it tommorow, orrr later today, since it's 1 in the morning.

I couldn't help but think about the future of pricing standards for pc gaming after doing the calculations for purchasing the entire starcraft 2 game. There's still games like Dominions 3, I like that game alot, which are quite high in price compared to standard pc game pricing at the present time.