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Online Always - ****

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So about an hour and a half ago, I decided to play some Starcraft 2 after having not played it in about 6 months. I figured I could run a quick skirmish match against the AI without logging in(I don't like jumping online for a single player game). I get to the login screen and select the Play as a Guest option, and a window pops up telling me, "StarCraft II: Starter Edition cannot play in offline mode." ...WTF? Starter Edition? I paid for the full version of this game!

I decided to login when I realized that my authenticator is no longer functioning.... I go to the login section of the StarCraft 2 website and click on the "Can't login?" link, followed by the "I lost my authenticator and I want to remove it from my account". I fill out the security information on the first page. So far so good. I click on the continue button, and now I see this: Government Issued ID: Attach Your ID. What the ****?!?! Why do they need me to show them my government issued ID? It's a ****ing video game. Of all the things they need to verify ownership of an Internet account, they want a Government Issued Identification. I stop right there and decide to locate the phone number to call blizzard instead and handle this matter over the phone. This is great, I have to call blizzard, AGAIN, to reassociate a new authenticator. My options seem so limited. So I manage to navigate the horrible interface that they've given the support section of the site and get to the phone numbers area...

I read the information and see that it's passed 8pm and they're no longer in service. I do some searching on the net for more information on the Offline capabilties and it turns out that you can only play in Offline mode for 30 days after an initial internet connection to thier servers, before the game's offline mode is disabled (Offline mode disabled? What the **** is the world coming to?! Crap I think I just answered my own question..... OH THE HUMANITY!!!)

I decide to make a new account to post in the official StarCraft 2 forums about how frustrating this is, but the button to post is greyed out to my new user. I've come to the conclusion about my situation. I realize as I type this that it's been over two hours that I've been trying to find a work around with this issue. All this trouble because of the Authenticator. I have to wonder if the security implementations are worth it? If someone got a hold of my account and multiple people were logged in at the same time. Would they lock my account permanently? Regardless, I've come to realize in my current situation that I'm **** out of luck with this game that I paid for tonight, unless I bypass this stupid ass Pseudo-Offline capability. I want to play this game NOW when I actually have time to play it. Not tommorow when your phone service is running, not AT YOUR LEISURE blizzard. Your name doesn't even deserve to be capitalized for this inconvenience that you're giving me.

I was going to buy Diablo 3, but you know what? I'm not buying another game from you unless you allow people to NEVER HAVE TO CONNECT TO THE INTERNET, EVER. You'll probably never do this, hell you'll probably never even read this, so you'll probably never get paid by me ever again. Someone else can pay you for your work, but it won't be me. I'll buy Gravity Rush instead when it comes out.

....To hell with this, I'm going to go play Diablo 2.

Update: I just stumbled across a link to the SMS Protect service that Blizzard provides for free. I question the security of it, but it seems reasonable since updates on your account status get sent whenever there's a change made.

TLDR - Single player games should not require an internet connection.

The story of a missing board, in a missing forum, brought to you by Gamespot.

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So I like visiting forums and checking out what some of the latest discussions are about my favorite games. I decided today that Disgea 3: Absence of Detention would satisfy my curiosity, since it came out today where I'm living, or so I thought it would on the Playstation Store. Anyways, off I go to gamespot to see what news I could uncover and maybe throw a little topic up about what I'm playing till gravity shift comes out, in the Gravity Shift forum...... Suddenly, I'm distracted from my original goal of visiting the Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention forums upon seeing that gravity shift is actually located in the suggested games column and proceed to click the link. I locate the appropriate "Forum link" and off I go, only to realize that I'm located directly in a massive convergence forum of all games that Gamespot deems suitable to a specific genre, in this case one massive platformer forum which has a total of 4 topics! What the fricken 1's and 0's is this code jumble that I've stumbled into? I click on on the back button to make sure I didn't mistakenly click on a link designated as the Platformer General Games thread, and click on the "Discuss in the forums" link. Once again, I'm back at the ghost town of a forum wondering what to do next.

Well, next on my list of things to do is visit the sticky at the top and answer my question of, "Where am I?", or more appropriately in my case, "Where the *#@$#&(!()*# did this blasted rocket ship fueld by dark matter just transport me to? Am I even in the same year?!?!?!!?! GAH!!!!". This is what I'm presented with in the sticky:

What's up platform genre junkies!

Now I know what you're thinking "This can't be the right board, right?" Actually it is! There have been a few changes to the way the game boards work. If you have come to this dedicated genre board it is because a game series board or specific game board does not yet exist.

We want to know what boards you want. To make a suggestion drop by the board creation requests forum and create a discussion about what board you want an why. Don't forget to tell your friends to go in there to back you up, the more interest the better.

......My thoughts now are akin to, "What the...... #@#*&$@one!11one1!... am I reading...!". "Did they just delete the entire game forum and condense everything into genre categories?!". "Must I really suggest that I want a Gravity Shift forum to discuss this one single game?????!!!!!". "Do we, the Gamespot community actually have to list off EACH ONE of these games that interests us FIRST AND FOREMOST to talk about them????!!??!!". "Come on man, we don't work here. We're not even getting paid to do this....". "We could be playing games, or figureing out where the heck and when the heck they're supposed to come out.", which was my original intention for Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention.

As simple as the Moderator tried to make this messege in the forum sticky, it would've been easier, asuming that the intention was to clear up a merger conflict with gamefaqs, to just put something like, "We're doing technical stuff, please bear with us while we restore the forums. Thank you.". This could then be followed up with another sticky telling us that any feedback on preferred forums would be greatly appreceated...... Dang it...... (Insert Extended Rant Here). Seeing as it's still the 17th and Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention was to be released today, my need still remains for finding out if it's in hard copy form at the stores and if it's going to be released on the Playstation Store today. I think this is far more productive than filling out a list of what game forums I want to talk in. To simplify this request that the Moderator posted, here's my answer: "I want every game that's ever come out and is archived on this site to have a Discussion Forum.... The end!"

UPDATE: For the record, thanks in part to mearhar1 and Herman Tuttle over at GameFaqs my answers have been found:

mearhar1 - "Won't be untill the store updates later"

Hermit Tuttle - "Don't worry, man--every single Vita game gets a digital release whether it's at retail or not, unlike the PSP."

Thank you blue_husky for creating that thread!