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Companies just saw their way to get easy money. They will ruin every good game to milk the gamer sheep. And that is mainly gamer's fault. If more gamers cared for nicely written and more original games, basically, not much of this mindless, fast-paced, repetitive games would be in center of attention. And that given, they then can dictate and milk you more for dlc and pointless stuff, simply because game is ultra-popular and people will then buy it. So it is magic-stupidity circle we're in now. Maybe increased amount of indie games will change that. Maybe...

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Bioshock 2

Sniper Elite V2


They do still sit on my computer, I just can't get around finishing them. Ah, well, some day...

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Well nothing. Let's just say that reincarnaiton is real, that means same soul in different lifes. Now, it was MY life and this is my life, so, basicaly it is stil me, possibly different form. Assuming that everything I just said is not complete non-understendable gibberish, that would mean that my soul still has some left overs from past life and that would probbably work like subconsciousness, so it can be awoken by propper stimmulans. Like, say, hypnossis or(in this case more fitting) buddhist priest. So save money people. Economics

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Yeah, well, it happens. Can I admit that I am in the college and that still, kinda, comes to my mind. All the time. Almost. But hey, man got to be precocious. That is precocious not pathetic, right? Right?

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Interesting indeed. These kind of stories never get old

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Static X - Dead World

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Coal Chamber - Sway

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About this lenght. Except it's not blonde

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Tell him to mom, then run to your room as fast as you can and chain yourself to ps3. She won't kick you out, right ?

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This show rulez 10/10