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    Hello sad,dear old site.

    Just incase any of my old Gamespot friends still lurk around here and haven't added me to PSN or gone to gameinformer,I'll just give an update.Last year Ar Nosurge was my game of the year,it's story w...

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    Back for a bit

    I want to say Ar Nosurge was a wonderful story experience,with heartfelt romances and emotional plot twists and with sex haha.As an actual JRPG it's gameplay it's battle system is kinda similar to Ar ...

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    Its been so long

    It's been nearly a year since I last blogged.In the past year I've visited Gamespot occasionally,maybe once or twice a month just to check if I got messages from old friends.I loved the old Gamespot s...

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    @deeliman said:LOL @ people thinking poor people are poor because they're lazy, that has got to be the dumbest thing I've seen all weekI've read through most of the comments in this thread and don't ...

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    the score is currently 80 on metacritic, with 26 reviews.

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    Typical lemming idiot.

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    Any vote that isn't Zelda is wrong.

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    I've seen you at GameInformer man :D
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    For those looking for a better gaming website that has lots of social activity,come join me and my my friends who've left gamespot...
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    Looks like this could be my last ever blog on Gamespot

    A few months ago I said I wasn't going to blog again until if and after certain problems in my personal life were fixed.Well those problems have gotten better(too complicated to explain what they are)...

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    Looks like I'll be staying on Gameinformer for a while.It has a lot more activity than Gamespot and It makes it easy to see my fri...
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    I've created a profile on GameInformer http://www.gameinformer.com/members/tidusandyuna1983/default.aspx .People who are on my fr...