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Green Dog(GEN)



Earthworm Jim

Donkey Kong Country

Shenmue 1 and Shenmue 2


The Legend of Zelda A Link to the Past

Super Mario RPG Legend of the 7 Stars

Urban Strike(GEN)

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Hi.I've logged onto Gamespot for the last 3 days but my percentage has stayed at 1% on level 50 for the last 3 days.Is this a glitch?

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Yes,Ireland's victory over England in the cricket world cup was a memorable one.They were chasing over 320 runs to win and were 5 wickets down for 111 runs after 24 overs but KJ O'Brien's century of 50 balls and great contributions by their lower order pulled off an amazing victory.Ireland definately are getting better and were only one win away from a quater final spot.

The Rugby League(NRL)season has just begun in Australia and I'm looking forward to it :)

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Congrats to Ireland for their Rugby results.However Ireland didn't qualify for the quarterfinals of the cricket World Cup.But they did pull off an upset win against England in the cricket World Cup.