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[QUOTE="The_Last_Ride"]I will create a user board where we can hang then, but this is bs!The_Last_Ride

UCBs are going away also. 

yeah i know, i read it, it's bs! I am making a new board on another site then 

Good idea, I'll join up as soon as I can. Incase some of you guys don't it's been good chatting with you all :D
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This Union is pretty much the only reason I come here. I can get news quicker from IGN and I don't post in the forums all that much anymore. This sucks.evilgamer22
Same, swapping IGN for the escapist though, I hope they'll let us delete out accounts cause I really don't fancy using the "New" gamespot
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That was more like a shot to the balls XD
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Nope it's good that little developers take the attention away from the big well know ones. It makes the bigger devs more willing to work to get their spotlight back and if they don't then we still end up with a good game from the indie devs
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It's pretty sickening to know that people have to put up with this sort of stuff because some vile coward thinks they have a right to abuse people and get away with it.
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I actually thought the original xbone would've been nice. I still wouldn't have bought it, but it would've been nice :PKman5507
Damn it Krillen :D
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Stupid bonk ruining my reply XD anyway I think the backlash ruined the X1 more than it originally was. Yeah sure I wouldn't have touched the thing with a bargepole but at least it had a direction. This reversed console is now aimless, uninspiring, and has given microsoft a second chance to chuck some other nonsense at us. A commercial failure would've made microsoft buck up their ideas or allow someone else with better ideas and practices to take their place in the market. Also people shouldn't not make products just cause someone in the world can't use it. If we thought like that you could argue that supermarkets shouldn't sell milk just cause there are people who are lactose intollerant, or should we remove all the nuts from chocolates because people can't eat them, or should there be a ban on cursive writing in the UK because most people can;t read the bloody thing (Sorry but I absolutely hate trying to decypher cursive writing XD). Sure none of those things are related to video games but with those sorts of things there are alternatives for people who can't have them. People without internet shouldn't mope around begging microsoft/sony to make a console for them, they should support a different console with caters to their needs instead or just move to a different hobby all together.
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Can filling a pool full of money be an option? if not I hope they do a new IP or another red dead game.
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Can't fault them for this, it's good to see any publisher helping people out. EA do a lot of stupid things but I think they don't get enough credit for doing these sorts of things
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It's hard to think over the range of sports I watch. Although one name which stands out is Usain Bolt. He has so much Charisma and he is just increadible to watch. Lots of the players in the current Welsh national rugby team are also legends in their own right but I've personally always looked up to Dan Carter of New zealand as my rugby Idol. He single-handedly could turn any team into champions and off the field he is a great guy as well. He is also very loyal to his club team so there's not much this guy isn't. I'll stop here cause I have too many people to name on this XD