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I just wanted to brag about my 9/12 (if I remember correctly) k/d ratio on MW2 the other day. I have only played it a few times and I was the only girl in a room full of guys and I beat some of their scores for the day ;)
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Books: Thinking about reading the Harry Potter books for a third time :)

Films: Just watched French Kiss for the hundreth time :)

TV: Almost through all the Grey's Anatomy seasons (netflix) ordering LOST seasons next.

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Exploration, storyline, music and chocobo breeding of FFVII

Graphics of FFXIII

Battle system and skill/talent tree of FFX

Must include: Cid, Shiva, Ifrit, crystals of some kind, ground-air-water transport, warrior-b.magic-w.magic-thief party members, many party members that you can swap in and out of party,  someone with green hair :), tents-cottages.

Im sure Im forgetting something but Ill stop now!


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Well my FIRST thoughts on the game were, UGH no exploration, and UGH I can only control one person! :) hehe but I am warming up to it because the paragrim shift lets you control the other party members, to a degree. And it is one of the most beautiful games I have ever played!


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My favorite Final Fantasy song is the "Opera" instrumental from Final Fantasy VI (was III when I played it) I was only 14 when it came out and I recorded the song onto cassette and would listen to it every night to fall asleep :) Yes Im a big nerd!! lol
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My favourite things about Final Fantasy are the cinematics and the adorable characters we meet in every game!! Final fantasy's have the best endings IMO. And the characters, you either love, or love to hate :)
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1. Short Introduction: 30 year old female gamer

2. GS Name:Rpger79

3. Real Name: Tracy
4. Position In FFE: Recruit
5. Gender: Female
6. Date of Birth:11-21-79
7. Place of Birth: Chicago
8. Height: 5'10'
9. Weight (jk): 140 ;)
10. Ethnicity: White
11. Current Location of Residence: Michigan

12. Religion: none
13. Job: waitress
14. Personality:  easy to get along with
15, Habits/Mannerisms; OCD

16. Girl/Boy Friends: My boyfriends name is Tom
17. Pets: My perfect in every way kitty, Dozer.
18. What Do You Look for in a Person: Scruffy strong man
19. What Do You Look Away From in a Person:  skinny wimpy man

20. Consoles Owned: Almost all of them
21. How Long Have You Played Games: 25 years (since 1985)
22. Which Final Fantasy Have You Played: 1,2,3,4,7,8,9,10,12
23. If you could be any FF character, which character would you be: Yuffie
24. How long have you been on Gamespot: Um...6 months?
25. Favorite muscial instrument: I played clarinet, but electric guitar.


1. Game(s) in General: Fallout 3
2. FF Game: Final Fantasy 7
3. Console(s): original Playstaion

4. Movie(s): Temple of Doom, Indiana Jones

5. TV Show(s): Friends
6. Food: Chocolate, mexican
7. Colour: Blue, black
8. Music: heavy metal

9. Place of Travel: Disney World, would love to see Italy


1. Other interests and hobbies: Canoeing, Euchre, board games, jigsaw puzzles, hunting deer, ice fishing, reading fantasy books.

2. Contact Information: N/A

3. Random Facts  Im a military brat, everyone im my family plays videogames, I wish I could draw/paint like a professional.


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Im currently playing Bioshock 2! WOOT It is awesome so far!!
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I voted for "loved it" of course, because I did. Its changed my non-shooter habits forever!!
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Hello all! My favorite console is SNES and any Playstation :) I like Final Fantasy, Sonic, Mario, Resident Evil, Silent Hill, The sims, Fallout, Dragon age, Borderlands, Bioshock....all kinds of games :) No sports :twisted: