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Half Life 2 and Portal

HOLY!! Has it really been over a month since I've been on here???! Wow time flys. I have been doing a lot of reading. If any of you read fantasy books then I suggest "Steerswoman" by Kirstein and "Magician" by Fiest.

I will catch up on everyones posts and my unions ASAP!!

Half life 2

Okay I finally finished "The Orange Box", since there are four games that I beat on there, I won't do my usual pros and cons. Instead I will just give a paragraph for each, since I really don't have many cons anyway.

Half Life 2

For me this game started off slow and I wasn't too thrilled about how the vehicles handled on the PS3, but the more I played the more I fell in love with this shooter!! This game had me so excited and scared at the same time that I would be bouncing on the couch, screaming at whatever was killing me. lol I think every game should use the Havoc psychics, its fun. I liked the variety of enemies, the zombies were my favorite of course and I hate those barnacles UGH!! Can't enjoy a shooter without my trusty shotgun, but the crossbow and combine weapon were great alternates for damage. Alex is sooooo in love with me..uh I mean Dr. Freeman lol Its so obvious and it pulls me into the game. The story behind this game is very cool, leave it up to humans to rip a hole in space and let invaders in *shrugs Ooops. And the facial expressions were the best I have seen in a while, it really looked like Alex was flirting with me or in serious pain. One last thing....Ravenholm is one scary place...halfway through the level I took the game out and didn't play it again for a month lol

Half Life 2: Episode 1

eps 2

Wow these guys know how to make an expansion! As a stand alone game it was awesome. I , of course, love the beefed up gravity gun. Seeing what happens to you if the Combine takes you prisoner, makes you want to blow up the Citadel as fast as possible and put those poor people out of their misery! The ending was very cool and satisfying :)

Half Life 2: Episode 2

d man

Again an expansion that other developers should take notes from! There were so many awesome tense battles, and a few frustrating ones :) But after dieing a few times and trying different approaches, I could always figure out a way to come out victorious! If you haven't played these games, the ending battle in this game is worth many many...dollars lol No seriously it was a blast....even though I was screaming and on the edge of my seat :) Its a good thing my boyfriend loves me



*Spoilers* There isn't much I wanna say about this game that isn't a spoiler so...you were warned. The portal gun and its portals are very inventive. I hope to see this used in more shooters and RPGs. This game is like my worst nightmare. Wakeup in a sterile science experiment building, be monitored constantly by an intelligent (debatable) AI, go through dangerous and yet boring tests. And after all that is said and done.....there is no cake!!! You never lie to a woman about cake!! NEVER lol okay also it really creeps me out when AI takes over, you notice how the humans always become the "dangerous factor" that its best to terminate. Its also creepy that there are more people "still alive", trapped in there for Her to mess with, those poor bastards. I have just downloaded the ending song, SOOOO CUTE, even with the macabre comments.

Bioshock 2 and a Pokemon cake!


I was the best Big Daddie there ever was!! lol Im so happy that I got the audiotape trophy but it doesn't mean I got ALL of them. So I will just have to play through it again and get them all this time!!


- In the first game (for some reason) the music really grabbed my attention and kept me enthralled, so to speak. Not so much this time around.

- The dripping water still sounds like a typewriter lol

- I DO NOT like being "blind" in a game, especially a creepy one like this :) And Bioshock LOVES to turn the lights out on you! I always just back up into the closest corner and hold my breath. lol Don't DO that!

bioshcok 2


- I was worried that this game would be so similar to the first, that it would be seem like De Ja Vue. Thanks to all the underwater scenes, bright neon sea plants, Big Sisters, and my awesome Drill, I was able to ignore any similarities in the background.

- I just loved how all the fixed/upgraded security bots had names. :) "Thorogood" (sp?) was my favorite!! R.I.P little buddy! lol

- The gameplay was pretty intense in some spots this time around and, even though I panicked every time, I loved it!!

- As a parent it pulled at my heart strings to be separated from my "little girl" :) I killed everything in the way in the hopes of being reunited with her.

- I liked the new traps in this game too. I never put down my little sister without creating a spider web of booby traps first!

Other news:

My step-son's 10th Birthday is coming up! Check out his cool Pokemon cake!! We got him a DS lite and a pokemon "pearl" game. Now that we have a DS in the house, I can finally play my Final Fantasy 3 game :)


My Top 5 Favorite Movies!

This is really hard to decide, I have seen just about every movie out there.

#5 High Spirits

High spirits

There is so much sexual humor in this movie, Im surprised my parents let me watch it. Of course "Dirty Dancing" played non-stop in our house when I was a kid, so I was already corrupted :) I have a fetish for Irish/Scottish accent so that probably plays a good part in my love for this movie. (or vise versa lol) Otherwise its funny, well written, great graphics (for the time/budget), and I miss Steve Gutenberg :(

Favorite quote: "So...(looks at man's exposed crotch) all the snakes WEREN'T driven out of Ireland. :)"

#4 Labyrinth


Obviously this is one of those movies I fell in love with as a child :) And because of that I can watch it today and absolutely love it. I know all the lines and all the words to the songs. I couldn't tell you how many times I have watched it, but it is a completely ridiculous movie. lol

Favorite Quote: "You don't need TWO ears!....Come on give us your head!"

#3 Return of the Jedi

Star wars

Honestly I like all the original Star Wars movies equally, but if I HAD to pick, it would be this one. Luke is now a Jedi, Leia and Han's love blossoms, Leia wears a bikini, Jaba the Hut dies (yes!). We get to see more of Boba Fett. As a child I loved the Ewoks but not so much now.

Favorite Quote: "You're wrong, Leia. You have that power too. In time you'll learn to use it as I have. The Force runs strong in my family. My father has it. I have it. And... my sister has it. Yes. It's you, Leia."

#2 Goonies


What can I say? I think you all know how awesome this movie is!! If I were to guess which movie I have seen the most times, it would probably be this one.

Favorite Quote: "Thats what I said, BOOBY TRAPS!"...grumbles "God! These guys!" (you thought it was gonna be "BABY RUTH" didn't ya? lol)

#1 Indiana Jones : Temple of Doom


OMG! Harrison Ford was at his hottest in this movie. lol This movie has everything. Its everything I love about movies. A handsome, scruffy/dirty, hero. A proud , beautiful love interest. A lovable, comedic side kick. Action, Adventure, magic, funny moments, and a happy ending!!!

Favorite Quote: "No time for love, DOCTOR JONES! We've got company!"

Runner Ups:

Judge Dredd


Star Trek (2009)

27 Dresses

French Kiss

Resident Evil: Extinction

Lord of the Rings: Fellowship

The Holiday

Dragon Age : Origins

Droogan age


- Not as super-fantabulous as all the hype led me to believe. But it IS a good game.

- Quests can bug, they just don't make em like they used to :)

- Too much dialog, not enough cinematic storytelling. Final Fantasy has spoiled me with those gorgeous, emotional "cut-scenes" or whatever they are called.



- Everything you could want in an RPG , enemies to kill for exp. and money, quests to complete, lands to travel, people to meet, many different armor and weapons, talent trees and skill upgrades. Elves, mages, and dragons, Oh My!

- Replayablity. You can see different versions of the game by playing through each time with a different race, c1ass or background. (commoner - noble)

-The voice acting and writing are MUCH better then Oblivion. The things people say are funny, and entertaining. I would stop whatever I was doing ,when the people in my group starting having a random conversation, and listen.

Other news:

I hope none of you suffered any loses from the Playstation Network failure. I was safe since I have dial-up, but Im glad they corrected it so fast.

I started planning my "wedding" and honeymoon this week. I typed "wedding" because we aren't having a wedding, we are just going to the local court house with our parents then flying out for our honeymoon right afterwards. Im thinking we will go to Vero Beach, Fl for our honeymoon. My boyfriend likes to metal detect and there is supposed to be a bunch of treasure on the east coast of Florida.

Went to see "Wolfman" in the theatre. It was pretty good, everything you expect from a werewolf movie. I still like Underworld better :P LYCAN FTW!

Top 5 games I've "wasted" the most hours playing! :)

First of all I would like to give @emeraldhillzone a great big THANKYOU, for my new banner! Isn't it the coolest?!?!?!

Okay I am not saying that the games in this list are some of the best out there, cuz they aren't. But for some reason or another I was stuck playing them. :) Sometimes out of choice, others..out of ...lack of something else to play lol.


Twisted Metal III
For some reason I picked this up at some yard sale or whatever. Even though its not really my kind of game. But I checked it out and, at first, I wasn't too impressed, and I kept dying!! Well, after I changed the controls around a little (and LOTS of boredom/free time) I became awesome at that game. None of the NPCs could touch me! I owned that whole game!

Sonic the Hedgehog
I played this game so much I can still hear the background music when I close my eyes at night, and I can see the shiny gold rings twirling around. Just as I can see them all scattering to the wind at the slightest poke or stumble. Im not sure how this game ended up in my house but I played it....a lot!

mario kart

Mario Kart 64
I have many many fond memories of this game. When it first came out, it was everywhere! Well, everywhere I went anyway :) But my fondest memory is me, and my family crowding around ,every 4th of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas, for about 4 years in a row, to play it!! It was so much fun. *sigh..the good ole days

the sims

The Sims
The first time I brought this home for my PC, I sat in front of the computer for 14 hours....without realizing it lol. My mom was pretty upset when she found me, stiff and crusty and turning slightly green around the edges (low blood sugar). Needless to say I spent many mindless hours controlling my little "puppets", while I forgot to take care of myself .

world of warcraft

World of Warcraft
I played World of Warcraft......for two LONG years....on DIALUP!! DIALUP people! It could take up to four days to download a patch. Now that is dedication, and is proof of my love for the game! And proof of my patience with farming/leveling. :)

Other news, I beat Dragon Age with my wood elf warrior! WHOO HOO! Im sure I will post a review blog about it soon. Which character should I start next? A human noble? Or a dwarf noble? I can't decide!

My boyfriend has been busy, so I have only gotten to see/play a few hours of Bioshock 2 :( But, I love what I HAVE seen, its pretty awesome!

Thirteen days until Final Fantasy XIII!!!!! *jumps around and screams!

I have started watching Farscape (on DVD through Netflix) , a friend of mine recommended the TV series to me, because I love Star Trek/Star Wars. I have only watched the first three episodes or so, but Im not getting into it yet. I usually wait until season 2 to give up on a TV series. Anyone else watch it, who can talk me into sticking it out?

Also there is a good chance I will be going to Mayhem Festival (Rockstar), this summer!! That will be awesome! The lead bands are Korn, Lamb of God, and Rob Zombie! Im still kinda mad at Rob Zombie. The last time I seen him live, he rambled on....and on ...and on about his horror movies. SHUT UP and play Thunder kiss already!! ;)

Okay I'm starting to ramble!! Thanks for reading!!

Time to pound, some meat puppets!! (Borderlands)

Borderlands 2

You have all listened to me vent about some problems I have had while playing this game. But overall, its a big, exciting, adventure that pleased both my RPG needs and my boyfriends Shooter preferences.


-My character got "stuck" in between a rock and a hard place (literally) many, many times. No amount of jumping, kneeling, or throwing my controller would unstick her. In offline-two player, you can just have your partner fast travel the both of you to another area, but I imagine in one player you would have to restart the game! :shock:

-You cannot manually save. It bears repeating that all games should have a manual save option, just because I said so.

-Claptraps are annoying. YES you're dancing..WE KNOW!! lol

-Quests can bug, and game play can become "laggy" in high volume areas.

- I turned the brightness up on the game (and my TV) all the way, and it was still too dark, I could barely see at "night". Why didn't they give us a flashlight?

- I don't want to spoil anything, so I'll just say I was dissapointed in the ending.

Borderlands 3

- The comic book-like art graphics are really cool, I only wish there had been a tropical/jungle type area, that would have been stunning. :) The landscape was so drab :roll:

- Everyone says that the guns are the coolest part of the game....well that's very true!! Not only do they come in many colors, types, and sizes, there are also guns with "elemental" properties. My favorite being the acid effect. Listening to my enemies scream in horror as their bodies disintegrated, was very satisfying. It was really cool to watch too, as the game shows you in some detail.:twisted: My siren was decked out in all acid, acid shotgun, acid SMG, acid Sniper, acid Rocket launcher, acid phasewalk, acid shield, acid "plaguewalker" siren mod, acid grenade...I think thats it lol. If they would have had better green clothing I would have had her in that too. (to match) lol

- The splitscreen in offline/two-player was big, it literally split the entire screen in half. I only mention this because I have played a few games where the splitscreen was too small. (Resident Evil 5)

- The cars you get to drive around might be hard to drive (for me anyway) but its just so much fun running over things, and watching them go SQUISH!! hehehe And you can "paint em all kinds a purrty colors ta boot!"

See, and you guys thought I was gonna give it a horrible review :).....well it could have been worse. I would recommend this game to anyone, just back up your files!


One more thing I want to share with you guys!! I really hope this game lives up to all my expectations!! Click the picture below.


The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly :)

Just a quick post to celebrate the arrival of Dragon Age, and Bioshock 2 into my home :) Dragon Age got here yesterday and I only got 3 hours of sleep, because I was up all night getting to know my new female, wood elf. Also even though Bioshock got here JUST NOW, seriously I ran out and attacked our mail man not even five minutes ago. lol I got it for $50 off of Ebay, so it was worth it being a few days late!

dragon age bioshock 2

Okay Dragon Age is the Good. Splicers are the Ugly. Now for the bad!

This is just a warning to everyone who loves Borderlands....I am NOT having a good time...Okay I am having a good time playing it, its just hard to remember that when my file gets CORRUPTED!!! My awesome lvl 28 siren, all decked out in acid everything, with the best acid gun in the game (so far) .....GONE!! Yes, I realize its my fault for falling asleep on the couch and turning off the playstation in my half-awake state of mind, but UUUUUUGGGGGGGHHHHHHHH!!! ALL VIDEO GAMES SHOULD HAVE A ***MANUAL*** SAVE OPTION!!!!!!!!!! What if the power goes out? What if a breaker goes? What if I trip next to my PS3 and end up pushing the "restart" button, trying to save myself? This will be my THIRD time restarting from the beginning DOUBLE UGH!! At least my boyfriends lvl 28 hunter is still there to help me out.

Okay my bags are packed, I have my weighters(sp?) on and my 410 shotgun loaded, Im ready to return to Rapture!!! WHOO HOO!! *throws party!

Resistance: Fall of Man

Fall of man

Even though my boyfriend bought this game and I wasn't really interested in it, it has a split screen, two-player option, so I agreed to play it with him (since he played RE5 with me ) and I really enjoyed it!


- The offline story mode is not really a short game but it all goes so quickly it seems that way. I really wish we had high-speed so we could check out the online side of it :(

- Even though the levels are pretty linear, they were confusing , and there is no map to use as a reference. We got lost/turned around more then once, but we figured it out eventually. :) My boyfriend is just now joining us in the seveth generation, he hasnt really played any new games since the SNES so he had a hard time walking across narrow boards or walkways. Which was entertaining for me.....but frustrating for him. hahaha:D

fall of man 2


- The controls are so easy to use I became known as the "Bullet-dodger" hahaha... no seriously, I was untouchable the second time we played through. I rarely use grenades in a game, but I was a grenade throwning fool! The battles and gunplay are so satisfying you walk away feeling god-like.

- The graphics and sound are spot on and I liked all the different types of "Chimera". Those tall lanky bastards are soooo fast!! They really creep me out for some reason. :?

- The variety of guns is a great part of this game. It took us a while to warm up to the "gloop gun" (sapper) but we discovered its uses :) And we entertained our selves for hours with the Arc Charger, trying to remake parts of Ghostbusters by "crossing the streams" lol

I feel like a traitor to my RPG roots playing all these shooters, but Im having so much fun, and I guess thats all that counts 8)

Bragging Rights!

Just a quick post to brag about my new emblem!! Look at that cute little analog, joystick. :)I worked hard on adding all my old games into my collection so I would get that one :)

Also Borderlands came in the mail, FINALLY and we have been playing it almost non-stop since Thursday!! We had a rough start with the game though. Mostly because my boyfriend didn't want to wait for me to look up any of the basics for it online. And the manual is crap, doesnt answer any of the questions I had. So we tried to just stumble on as best we could. Well, the first quest bugged so we had to restart the beginning. Also, I couldn't figure how to save, or how the GAME saved. When we turned it back on the two characters we had used weren't on the "exsisting characters" saved list. So we had to start over AGAIN. (did I mention that I had a pounding headache, and my boyfriend was having severe pain in his shoulder...not fun lol)

Okay Okay , its a new day and we have figured out the saving situation and everthing. We are are having a freakin blast dominating in Pandora lol The guns are cool, and the splitscreen multiplayer is just what we wanted!!


My Favorite Games of the Decade! (Part 2)

Here is the second part to my Decade O' Games list!! I had a blast playing all these games. I am looking forward to another TEN YEARS OF GAMING!!! WHOO HOO! Of Course I will be playing games until the day I die!!

2005 God of War

Runner up: Kingdom Hearts II, Peter Jackson's :King Kong, The Sims 2

GOd of War

2006 Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion

Runnerup: Final Fantasy XII, Dreamfall : The longest Journey


2007 Bioshock

Runner up: God of War II, WoW: Burning Crusade


2008 Fallout 3

Runner up: World of Warcraft : WTLK


2009 Resident Evil 5

Runner up: None :) The Sims 3 is the only other game I played that came out in 2009 and I didnt like it haha

resisdent evil

Hope you all enjoyed my lists, sorry its so late in January!!

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