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Tom McShae pulled the exact same stunt over The Last of Us, saying Ellie was a typical weak female character blah blah.. which obviously he never actually played the game since anyone who did understands what Ellie went through and that although being a very young girl, she was very courageous etc. Tom just likes to get on his high horse and make the same article on different games every time he sees a woman in a game. I don't know why they still allow him to write articles.

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Yup this will be the first year for many of us wanting emblems to not have the chance of getting them. I hardly ever visit here anymore now since all the changes and came back to find the yearly topic on E3 emblems. Along with all the terrible changes I guess they aren't doing emblems either. Such a shame, this site went downhill in a huge way.

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@alim298 said:

1. Gamespot new look and bugs

2. Gamespot new mods who lock serious threads because they find them funny and trolling.

3. Gamespot fanboys who don't give a shit about the above mentioned.

That why I come here very very rarely these days.

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What the heck is a tricker? AOEIII is an RTS. There are no tricks.. just different strategies.

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You are more than half way. There are 16 chapters, so look at the chapter you are on and go by that.

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I preorder all games I plan to buy day one.. I could care less for the preorder bonuses. I just want to make sure I get a copy of the game.

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Id get it on the PS4.

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@shellcase82 :

Wow first time I've ever heard of cinema's opening up for a gaming conference, is this new or is this old and been done every year or what

It's the first time I've heard of it too.

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Day 1 buy!

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Sounds like the game isn't for you, maybe try Wolfenstein instead.