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They did some big changes.. and not just visually. Levels are frozen so if you were here before the update whatever level you were at will show in your profile. They also got rid of unions and changed a lot of other things.

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People simply saying hello and god bless is not harassment.. I guess men just aren't allowed to talk to women at all or it is considered harassment and they should be locked up for life. 10 hours of filming and only a few minutes of video footage.. most of what doesn't seem to be in the better part of town. And it's a video on the internet, who is the say the people weren't paid or asked to say hello to her. I've lived in big cities with millions of people and I've never seen an attractive woman get as many compliments as she did and I would consider her to be average at best.

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and I still haven't even watched them yet.

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The dedication and skills they have to make that is impressive.

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Women are being harassed and doxxed.

Men are being harassed doxxed, false police reports have been made, a knife and a syringe sent in the mail. (and many opposing Gamergate admit they don't play games and just want to destroy the gaming industry).

Both sides are breaking the law and doing insane thing to the other side. All those involved need to be found, arrested and locked up. But while they all continue to act like idiots, the real issues will be ignored and the media will keep ignoring one side and releasing articles slandering games because that has always been the thing to do.. it is pretty sad when gaming websites join in too since gamers are their target audience.

There is a LOT to cover when discussing it so I won't bother, I just want to play good games.

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Attack on Titan.

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Everything went downhill real fast here when they did the huge "update" that removed a bunch of features people used frequently. Now this place is exactly the same as IGN. The front pages always have identical articles every day and don't do anything to stand out. However I still rather check Gamespot and IGN. I have been here since before Gamespot had proper forums.. just ZDNet boards that didn't have mods and users were required to use their full names as usernames.. that must have been almost 2 decades ago now.. it's sad to see what GS has become now. It seems like Kevin is the one that has kept this site alive through all the hard times. I think if he ever did leave this place would be even more of a ghost town. It is pretty crazy just how fast this place went downhill, but everyone was upset over the update and the response from GS was pretty much "deal with it we don't care" so I can't blame people for going. Heck, even I left for quite some time, I only just started checking the forums once in a blue moon and rarely post.

Anyway, I wish Shaun McInnis the best of luck and look forward to seeing what he does next. He will be missed.

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I'm finding it really hard to get hyped for Sunset Overdrive. I don't know why, the developer has made some amazing games in the past I just don't feel it with this one. I'm sure it'll sell well and get good reviews, and maybe then I'll pick it up at some point.

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If people actually read the facts about ebola they would be freaking out. It's not airbourne, you can only get it from direct contact with bodily fluids (kind of like HIV). So unless you plan on screwing someone who recently went to Africa, I wouldn't be too concerned.

Or sharing a drink, or sitting in a plane seat after someone with Ebola sat and sweated on the seat, or someone sneezing on you.. you don't just get it from having sex, that would be the least common way for it to spread.