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I'm finding it really hard to get hyped for Sunset Overdrive. I don't know why, the developer has made some amazing games in the past I just don't feel it with this one. I'm sure it'll sell well and get good reviews, and maybe then I'll pick it up at some point.

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If people actually read the facts about ebola they would be freaking out. It's not airbourne, you can only get it from direct contact with bodily fluids (kind of like HIV). So unless you plan on screwing someone who recently went to Africa, I wouldn't be too concerned.

Or sharing a drink, or sitting in a plane seat after someone with Ebola sat and sweated on the seat, or someone sneezing on you.. you don't just get it from having sex, that would be the least common way for it to spread.

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Worst idea I've ever heard.

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I can't stand having to wait ages to see the next episode so now I just wait for seasons to come to netflix then watch them all.

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Just because the flu will kill more than Ebola will, it doesn't mean precautions shouldn't be taken. While new security measures are being scrutinized, it's good that preventative measures are being taken to lesson the chance of more cases of Ebola appearing.

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Who cares.. she has no reason to be ashamed, I respect her decision to wait. If she wants to wait, thats her choice. She shouldn't be ashamed because it's no ones business but her own.

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It's great that people there will actually have the opportunity of being able to get educated without putting themselves in debt for the rest of their lives.

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Because they are making entertainment, which has to be entertaining. It doesn't have to be accurate, and in many cases if it were more "realistic" then it would be boring and people wouldn't want to watch it.

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American Dad is not a funny show. It's terrible, boring and I would rather watch anything else.