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My internet will have it downloaded in maybe 45 minutes :)

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I can't think of a game I have played on console that I didn't enjoy more on PC. keyboard and mouse are my preference for 90% of genres not to mention betetr graphics, framerates, etc.

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Figures I finally find a union I enjoy and Gamespot trashes it. I'll make the move. Glad there is somewhere to move to.
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While I think The Elder Scrolls has a lot of choice, I don't feel like the choices carry as much weight as other RPGs I've played.bugbag

Same here. I find the Elder Scrolls more about a different kind of freedom. It is very much open world where you can doa s you please but a lot of that won't efefct the main story. 

Oblivion was my very first RPG and I loved it but the more RPGs I played the more I realized that it wasn't what I was enjoying most.

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 I love the Elder Scrolls, but hate Fallout. :P


Ah. I don't hate the Elder Scrolls series, it just isn't my kind of RPG. I prefer ones that are more cenetred around choice such as Mass Effect.

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Looks pretty generic to me but lots of pc gamers wanted it apparantly.



I voted for the PC version ebcause why not ? Massive has done good PC games in the past. I've got some trust in them.

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Oh my gosh. I think we found the anti-SoS :o


Whoa, what a guy. :P

I just clued in to what he emant by anti-SoS :P Went right over my head the first time I read it.

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What I really want though, is a Sleeping Dogs sequel.  


That would be great. Sadly it isn't a sure thing. According to Square Enix Sleeping Dogs only sold about 2 million copies which was a lot less than what they had expected so I don't know if they will make another one soon. They seem to be one of those publishers who if they don't sell 5 million copies consider the game a failure.

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I guess that's the big problem with collectors editions: you usually have to preorder the game to get them. If the game sucks then you feel like you wasted money but if you wait for a demo or to hear about the game after launch you can't always buy the CE for it.
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I've met a lot of PC gamers and many of them talk down to me. You're definitely the most polite PC elitist I've seen.:Pbugbag

I've been rehabilitated ;)