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How is this still a problem? It's happened to me twice in the past 20 minutes, and I've had to just throw away the games I was halfway through (along with the contracts, which isn't as big of a deal to me). I bring up my friends list when it happens and see that I'm still connected to Xbox live, so it's definitely just an issue with the EA servers or my communication with those servers. Why haven't they just implemented a retry within x number of seconds instead of just dumping all your progress? So frustrating... >_<

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I am super excited about football, and I'm going to play the crap out of some version of Madden.  I have Madden 13, but it sounds like Madden 25 hasn't made many changes over the last year.  Since I mostly play franchise mode, is it worth upgrading at all, or should I just keep my 45 bucks and keep playing 13?  I'm going to dump a lot of hours into one of those games this year, but I just want to know if Madden 25 makes enough improvements to make it worth the upgrade.

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This was one hell of an emotional roller coaster.  I played the game from start to finish in basically one sitting once it really got rolling, and couldn't believe how much the game pulled at my heart strings.

After seeing the credits roll and sort of the happy feeling that I was left with, I got to thinking about the finale a little more, and it made me realize how awful things must have really been for River near the end.  She spent all of her time trying to jostle Johnny's memories with those paper bunnies and carried that Platypus around everywhere, but she could never break through to him and passed on without him ever realizing who she really was.  The doctors were able to put the pieces together for Johnny to die happily, but thinking about how painful it was for River is probably one of the most depressing things about the whole experience.

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Is anyone else hitting disconnect issues while playing MUT games on the PS3?  It's really starting to piss me off.  4/4 solo challenges I've tried in the last couple of days have disconnected mid-game which has cost me contracts, and it means I didn't receive any coins.  I hadn't played MUT before, but became a huge fan of it this year; however, this disconnection BS is driving me crazy.  And it's just connections to the EA servers.  I'm still connected to PSN, and there's nothing that seems to be wrong with my internet.  I just started playing some of the 4 minute quarter games and it always happens after halftime, so I don't know if maybe I'm just experiencing some bug that disconnects me after X minutes of connection, but I'm starting to get real frustrated at this game.

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I'm trying to decide which game to get, and want to know which game has the better software at this point. I don't care about DLC much, I already know that I like the GH guitars, and the drums I get will depend on the game I end up buying. So my question is, of these two games, which one has a better career mode and accessibility with regards to playing with other people. I know there is a thread for game recommendations, but I feel like posting in there would net me a lot of generic, "RB has more DLC!" and "GH drums are way better!" responses.


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So, I think that my mb (possibly my cpu) is fried, so I was going to get just a new mb, but I figured that I'd just get a new cpu too since bundles are pretty cheap. I have an 8800 GTS like this. I think that's the one I have anyway. This was the motherboard/cpu that I was looking at as it is pretty cheap, and I just need something that will last me for 5-6 months until I want to splurge on a newer one. This was the mb I had, so if anyone knows of the newer model of that (and if it's cheap), I could just replace that and see if my cpu is still good. Anyway, I just wanted to know if anyone could confirm that the 80 dollar combo I'm going to buy would work and run well enough with my gfx card.
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Just out of curiousity, has there been any information released on DS sales by color? Like how many black lites have been sold, how many crimson lites have been sold, etc.? I know it's a weird question, but I just wanted to know if specific colors didn't sell as well.

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Ever seen the cover to mega man 2 on the NES, take a look at that and tell me it isn't misleading:)bluebomber46

The first game was even better.

Most awesomely bad cover ever!

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I just bought a Wii for my girlfriend, and we've only got Wii sports and Wii play at the moment. I'm trying to figure out what game to get for the two of us to play (co-op or vs.). I was thinkin' WarioWare or Mario Party. We like WarioWare a lot, but I played it a good amount at my sister's, so we may get bored of that. I haven't played the Wii version of MP, but we've played older versions and liked those (for the most part, especially if there is stuff to collect by replaying the boards). I've also heard that Galaxy has co-op too, so we're kinda lost here as to what we should get. She's also kinda interested in Cooking Mama. Any tips?

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Fable 2 then GoW 2 then RE 5. I've been waiting forever since the first Fable, and I played Gears as recently as a few months ago. I'm not super hyped on RE5 yet because I haven't really read much into it.