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360 Achievements

When I first picked up a 360, I thought that the achievement thing was kinda cool, but not really worth caring about. After unlocking most of the achievements in Tony Hawk's Project 8, I realize how much fun it can actually be. Some people might think that it is a chore, but I like completing little challenges that don't really do much, but they do make me feel like I'm sorta accomplishing something in my games.

I announce today, my run at getting as many achievements for as many games as I possibly can. I think it will be a lot of fun, so we'll see how far I go before I get burned out.  Wish me luck!

Empire State Building

Today was the second time I went to NYC, and the first time (probably the last also) that I got to go to the top of the ESB. It was nothing like it was in the movies. A two hour wait, followed by a price tag of 16 bucks a head, and an 86th floor that was as small and crowded as a pack of sardines. After seeing it in all the movies and on TV, I was a little disappointed at the money machine it has been turned into. What was once the biggest building around is now an overpriced, overrated money guzzler (every five minutes an employee was trying to sell us something).

I just think it is a little sad how more and more of this country's landmarks are being turned into cash cows. It makes those attractions less affordable and less worthwhile than they have ever been. I guess I can at least say that I was there, and the view was pretty nice at night (even though the wait was probably long enough for me to get up and down the stairs three or four times)