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    User Rating 8
    A Decent fast-paced MP Shooter.

    I haven’t played a fast paced MP shooter since, well, almost forever actually now that I think about it. The last one was COD: World at War (Only because it’s WW II).I’ve noticed thr...

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    User Rating 9
    Judge a game on its merits, not on its predecessor's merits...

    ...just like you would judge a person's character without resorting to that person's parents' character. There seems to be this unwritten consensus among a large part of the gaming community that the ...

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    User Rating 9
    Bigger, grittier, darker, what more do you want?

    Don't fix what isn't broken, one of the few cliches that still work.I bet if people didn't know this wasn't Rocksteady studios they wouldn't even know the difference. It's like asking people to tell t...

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