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the boardwalk empire

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LinkedIn for business and job opportunities

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LinkedIn for business and job opportunities

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Ok, so in my options, my account is set to be viewed by everyone. However, when I try to get on my account when I am not logged it, it says "PeterDuck has set his account to be private" or something like that

how can I fix this?

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Good post but I am of the opinion that Shephard was indoctrinated by Reapers in the end. He never made it to the citadel, he and his entire company was wiped out right next to the teleportation beam. Hence, the last 3 seconds of the final video which shows his breathing in the rubble.
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In my experience, confidence is the key to getting just about any girl. But don't overdo it and become cocky. It takes years of practise.

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With survivors spread out across the continents?

The idea seems exciting to me.


I wish for the total extinction of all sentient life across the universe. I am an anti natalist

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"Where did you get that information? Your own first hand experience in a butcher shop or or some video? I know not everybody is that cruel about it."


oh ok, so I guess all those videos are fabricated, right? You are just so desperate. You ACTUALLY dont think that abuse of animals does not happen in slaughterhouses? You are just being a **** **** for the sake of being on.

I dont need to have cancer to know that it's bad. Same concept. I dont need to be there first hand to know that it's bad.

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you sadists disgust me.

"it taste good. I like the taste of suffering. I dont care if other things suffer for my pleasure. I want my toombstone to say that I caused more suffering in the world than I prevented. I am so **** amazing"


Im gonna stop tracking you, jediknight. Its REALLY disgusting.

Gimme the big red button to blow up this planet and I would push it, no questions asked.

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