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  • MuddyMaestro posted a message in the forum topic Spotify | Coming to PS4 and PS3. on the System Wars board

    This appears to be a pretty sound feature. I already have a subscription to Rdio (just due to preference, as it seemed to create better playlists when I sampled both services) so Spotify wouldn't be o...

  • MuddyMaestro posted a message in the forum topic Airplay. on the Real Racing 3 Forum board

    Looking at other YouTube videos of Real Racing 3 footage with AirPlay, they don't seem to have the same issue with resolution, so I think it's safe to assume it isn't an issue persistent across all de...

  • MuddyMaestro posted a message in the forum topic Should Gamespot Bring Back OT After Hours?. on the Off-Topic Discussion board

    OTAH was a novelty that wore off quickly, in my opinion. There's multitudes of websites and forums outside of GameSpot that are better accustomed to the types of discussions that were occurring on the...

  • MuddyMaestro posted a message in the forum topic Bought this used, and can't play it for one reason. on the Twisted Metal (2012) Forum board

    The sheer amount of buttons and button combinations makes the game daunting for newcomers, but once you know how everything works, I don't see an issue with the layouts. I get where you're coming from...

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