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can't even deal with this giant bomb drama -____-

problem shitlord?

the whole thing was just so dumb. I agree, diversity would be fantastic at giant bomb, and it will certainly happen, but there could not possibly be a better fit for anyone anywhere than dan ryckert at giant bomb. though this should worry me as someone who doesn't care at all about wrestling.. maddy myers (and obviously many many others) would be great, but dan is a perfect fit.

I just read into that, and I don't understand why it's being given so much attention. She doesn't even have a leg to stand on. Anything that has to do with feminism makes me cringe. It's pretty bad when you have people who need to assert themselves as humanist instead of feminist just so they're taking seriously.

Honestly, that tweet just makes her look dumb and immature - not a person I'd want running my shit. And i just love the dude's logic at the bottom: "You suggest this man was most qualified, therefore you think all women are not qualified." Try again, you chubby dick.

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Sadly, Lord Beric was crazy underplayed in the show. He was a legend across the Riverlands for his supernatural survival skills.

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I think the most satisfying scene in GoT so far has been when (the?) Khaleesi first commands the unsullied. God damn.

Definitely one of the best. I'm still most fond of Sandor's chicken scene, myself.

"I'm gonna eat every fucking chicken in this room."

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Still waiting to purchase my new CPU. I'm thinking of going with the FX 8350. Already have a new AM3+ MB and some RAM on the way. Buying PC parts one at a time blows, though. After seeing what the 270x can do with an old dual core, I am so ready to harness that power!

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finally bought my new gpu. got a pretty good deal on a r9 280x.

Awesome. I got the r9 270x, and it's fucking fantastic. I'm rocking max settings on pretty much everything.

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If you told me the Bran storyline was the most important I'd believe you, but I've found most of it pretty boring.

It is boring. And it's waaaay more boring in DWD.

As for the bastard: Gendry's entitlement to the throne is the reason his master lets him be sent to the wall, for his safety. The Gold cloaks were were culling all of Robert's bastards. And, although it doesn't happen this way in the books, Malisandra finds and takes him to Dragonstone to sacrifice him, because she needs the blood of a king for some mystical shit. Then Davos lets him out and tells him to run (can't remember if he got away or not). That happened in the book, but it wasn't Gendry. It was another one of Robert's bastards who lived on Dragonstone. Gendry was left in the Riverlands, at some Inn, where he and Arya parted ways.

The Hound is another one of my favorites. He has a hero's spirit, but he's too broken and bitter to give a damn about the world. He was raised by monsters and treated like shit his whole life. He just wants understanding and, for once, to be seen as something besides the dog with the fucked up face. He wanted that from Sansa, but she could hardly stand to look at him. Arya, though...

Warlocks, yes.

And damn these spoiler tag thingies.

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@MethodManFTW: ngl he's becoming one of my favourite characters. He's come a long way

Was just about to say... Jaime has become one of my favorite characters in books. Sadly, the show's not doing as much to redeem him.

I hate, hate, hate, hate him! He definitely has some redemptive arcs but overall he is a garbage person. :P What does ngl stand for? No good lannister? :P

Yeah, in the show he comes off as just plain scummy. In the books, though, he reaches a point where he feels regret and remorse and strives to become an honorable person. He starts to realize what a monster Cersai is and wants nothing to do with her. He still fights for the Lannisters, obviously, but he starts to treat his enemies with dignity. There's a scene in the show where he knocks the King's Guard Record book off the table to bang Cersai on it. I was like WTF!? Because he actually obsesses over that book and the fact that his legacy is bullshit compared to all the other great knights listed in it, and he wants to write himself a new legacy. He wants to be redeemed and be remembered as something other than a Kingslayer. But then in the show... all he wants to do is bang his sister. :/

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@MethodManFTW: ngl he's becoming one of my favourite characters. He's come a long way

Was just about to say... Jaime has become one of my favorite characters in books. Sadly, the show's not doing as much to redeem him.

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Red Team is a bunch of goddamn cheaters.

Valve added 2nd and 3rd place prizes to force teams to compete instead of gaming the system for easy wins. Now we're back to my original theory: the team with the most high-rollers will win every goddamn day. It's looking solid so far.

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I bought a few random bargain bin games: Enslaved, Mars War Logs, Marlow Briggs, Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater, and Urban Trials Freestyle (great little Trials HD knockoff for only $0.99). I was hoping to grab Dark Souls II, Wolf Among Us, Metal Gear Rising, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and Transistor on the cheap, but none of them have dipped very low at all, unless I missed them. There's still time, though.