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@MethodManFTW: ngl he's becoming one of my favourite characters. He's come a long way

Was just about to say... Jaime has become one of my favorite characters in books. Sadly, the show's not doing as much to redeem him.

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Red Team is a bunch of goddamn cheaters.

Valve added 2nd and 3rd place prizes to force teams to compete instead of gaming the system for easy wins. Now we're back to my original theory: the team with the most high-rollers will win every goddamn day. It's looking solid so far.

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I bought a few random bargain bin games: Enslaved, Mars War Logs, Marlow Briggs, Castle Crashers, BattleBlock Theater, and Urban Trials Freestyle (great little Trials HD knockoff for only $0.99). I was hoping to grab Dark Souls II, Wolf Among Us, Metal Gear Rising, Transformers: Fall of Cybertron, and Transistor on the cheap, but none of them have dipped very low at all, unless I missed them. There's still time, though.

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Child of Light worth $11.24?

That's a big N - O from me. Quick and easy without much substance. My three year old enjoyed it, though.

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lena headey is such a boss

She does an amazing job of Cersai, but I much prefer her as Queen Gorgo (300) and Sarah Connor. She's sexy as hell as those two (and as herself - watch some interviews of her). She's one of the few celebrities I have a thing for, but she makes my stomach turn as Cersai. That's how good she is at playing the part.

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I fixed my Arkham City save. Let the post-GFWL crimefighting commence (but not from the beginning).

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I like us.

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Fuck you, Steam. You've struck again. How can anyone resist Castle Crashers for a buck fiddy? HOW CAN THEY RESIST?! HOW CAN SHE SLAP?!

Yesterday, I wanted to get BattleBlock Theater for $3.74, but I only had $3.39 left. Today, I purchased the Castle Crashers/BattleBlock Theater bundle for $2.49. Easily one of my proudest Steam purchases.