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#1 Posted by Meat_Bag (1061 posts) -
Well, if you want an inspiration for a side-scrolling game, Castlevania: Symphony of the Night is the only inspiration you will ever need. Trust me...
#2 Posted by Meat_Bag (1061 posts) -

Here's a good idea for the game.

I just saw a movie the other night called "The Mist", a horror movie where a bunch of people ends up trapped in a supermarket surrounded by deadly mist filled with gruesome spider-like monsters. So my idea was at the time "Hey, wouldn't it be great if we had a game where you get the chance to lead these monsters in their quest of terrorizing this town...".

Yes, I'm talking about a strategy/management/survival game where you get to be the monster (like a final boss you fought in other similar games) who is conquering the cities and towns. At first you'd only get to deal with scared townsfolk and rednecks with shotguns, but later you'd have to deal with the army, government troops, special forces... You can create your own character, as well as other monsters and spawn them as you like. But the game shouldn't be a cartoon-style parody of bad guy sim (Evil Genius, Dungeon Keeper 2, Stubbs The Zombie, Destroy All Humans...), it should be gruesome, bloody and filled with scenes that make you turn pale and vomit.

Score one for the bad guys, eh?

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Well, I'd have to say

1. FarCry (of course 8))

2. Oblivion

3. Overlord (you just gotta love them:D)

#4 Posted by Meat_Bag (1061 posts) -

I think my worst moment in gaming history would be unification of Squaresoft and Enix. Altou I didn't realize it until later, that event meant the death of the best RPG series I ever played, and turning it into a money-sucking project of "instant hit" overrated crappy games for gay audience.

Farewell, Final Fantasy...

FFX was a huge disappointment, FFX-2 was a gay fashion-show-wannabe meant only to suck some extra money out of audience, and FFXII finally sealed the series' fate for good.


#5 Posted by Meat_Bag (1061 posts) -
I just read about the game, and I have to say I'm pleasantly surprised. It's been a while since I played a decent boxing arcade... :D
#6 Posted by Meat_Bag (1061 posts) -
I think I'll just stick to Ghost recon then. Thanks.
#7 Posted by Meat_Bag (1061 posts) -

I heard a lot about Ghost Recon, but never played it. Maybe I'll try it out. Thanks, guys!

What about this Silent Scope? Never heard of it before...

#8 Posted by Meat_Bag (1061 posts) -
Come to think of it, I do need a recommandation. I'm looking for good sniping games. I played Sniper Elite and liked it a lot, now I'm searching for more good sniping games for PC. Any ideas?
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No, as far as I know, the only way to beat Krauser is with a knife. It's a very long fight, so I suggest you keep your rocket launcher for some other purpose. I managed to beat the game a few times, and the only time I used rocket launcher was when I had to set Ashlee free from the shackles using a sniper rifle, and at the same time there are tons of enemies coming to get her.
#10 Posted by Meat_Bag (1061 posts) -

True, parents sometimes really are crazy. I mean, letting your kid watch Sweeney Todd, and then not letting him play Half-Life 2 because it's "violent"? COME ON!

Seriously, could you think of one decent game that doesen't involve killing? Heck, even in Sims 2 you can kill somebody...

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