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I play for a semi competitive Call of Duty Team. For years now I've been addicted to this game, don't get me wrong its fun. I first started playing COD when Big Red One came out, I was instantly addicted. The story back then was amazing and I never had online for my PS2 so I didn't have to worry about #*$holes. As the new ones came out I kept playing. Just last year, I was playing some MW3. As I was playing I kept getting owned. After about my 16th death I said WTF and turned off my console. Luckily I'm not one of those strictly Call of Duty ONLY gamers. I'll admit that I'm a complete Nerd. Posters of super heroes and games on my wall, collected gaming magazines/ comic books, and Attack of the Show fanatic. I was able to really get into RPGs, other FPS games, and plenty more. I now only play COD once a week maybe. Just open up, there is plenty of other games out there. Just set COD aside, go to your nearest game store and buy something other then this online driven game.