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  • First_snake posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    Best of luck to you man and thanks for all the great work you've done here. You are avery talentend person and you'll be missed here.
  • dostunuz posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    Why the fuck did you leave?. I was buying the games because of your reviews but now my life is in the ruins.
  • merlin747 posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    He gets in one final '10' on his way out... glad he could have a good last game to review...
  • chitosan87 posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    Best of Lucks to you, Kevin. Even though many of your reviews got critics but I was in the same page with you when I tried the games that you reviewed. Much oblige ...
  • EcksTheory posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    Just found out your leaving. Not cool at all. I wish you every success in your future. Thanks for all the great reviews(even the ones I disagreed with :)).
  • Harbinger_CR posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    Sad to see you leave, you are the best reviewer in GameSpot. Good luck in your future proyects!
  • darklord_86 posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    Going to sound cheesy here but Kevin were one of the main reasons I started using this site. Your reviews have been a great influence and I'v played alot of new games because of them. Thanks and gl.
  • lee1823 posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    What are you leaving to do Kevin? I love RPG's and valued every single review you carried out for this site. Best and most trusted reviews on Gamespot in my opinion. Thank you!!!
  • NIkoscho posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    Goodbye , Kevin! Best RPG reviewer ever. I forgive you about you overrating for Dragon Age 2, because your Killzone 2 and WItcher 3 reviews are some of the best critic work ever. Good luck, dude!
  • halvedlife posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    Goodbye, Kevin! Thanks for all the great reviews, and your insight on games. You will be missed. Your writing (along with Greg Kasavin) set the standard Gamespot has been known for. Good luck.
  • kalpesh_78 posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    Hey Kevin. I feel sorry for you man. For a review you have to play awful games like Godzilla. Thanks for the review, atlas us gamers are spared the horror.
  • AgentA-Mi6 posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    When are you going to post the Godzilla PS4 review?
  • kee1haul posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    Fucked up review after fucked up review.
  • UKFX posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    I leik chickannnnn
  • DocWattson posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    Your the reason I came back to Gamespot after Gerstmann-gate. I think you are an exquisite writer and are my favorite reviewer working today. Keep your chin up!
  • Bhemont posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    Just posting here to let you know how disappointed I am with the numbers out there on certain reviews, I tend to curl up in my bed and put my thumb in my mouth while lying in the foster position cryin
  • evilwindkun posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    Thanks for the honest Batman review; seems some other media outlets are a bit /swayed/
  • Jawad2007 posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    I m going to this one time , You are the man Kevin , so enjoy it while you can :P thanks for the Great reviews you do :)
  • Justicar_1 posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    I wanted to ask you, now that the Wetcher 3 is out and all its problems. Would you change your mind about your score or would you keep it?
  • Kurtizz posted on Kevin-V’s wall.
    I've just seen your review of The Witcher 3: The Wild Hunt and again, great writing! What I was wondering, how much of your choices from W2 impact your W3 experience?