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It's obvious GS stopped caring about unions long ago, and their recent actions confirm this. I've really only ever visited this site to post in the unions, so I won't be hanging around on the new site. Our union will survive though. It just won't be here.
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With all the time and effort put into a lot of these unions over several years, I can't believe you guys are just trashing them. If you really go through with this, I'm leaving for sure.

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I celebrated with my fiance (he's the blonde girl). :P


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ITT: Kenshin secretly sabotaging PUSH by using great ideas that will starve and kill all of us.Blabadon

(and steal all the games left behind by the dead)

Would I really do such a thing? =O

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I'm not that good in Payday though. :( I don't think I'd stand a chance IRL if I suck at the video game. ChubbyGuy40

You could do what I do and spend your food money on games. The hunger is worth it. Usually. :|

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How am I supposed to decide which games to get next?... ChubbyGuy40

Just rob a bank and buy them all. :|

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Alternating between a few games right now.

SMT IV - Mostly doing random quests and fusing tons of new demons.

Animal Crossing: New Leaf - Made about 30 million bells on the turnip trade this week, so been throwing money at people's faces. My town is coming along nicely. Need some more town works suggested so I have something to spend my money on though.

Time and Eternity - I don't even know why I continue to play this...

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I'm gonna add all your FCs, do so for me as well.Blabadon

Just added you.

Guess I should list my 3DS FC here too: 0516-8333-6410

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1. Fire Emblem: Awakening
2. Etrian Odyssey IV
4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf
5. Harvest Moon: A New Beginning
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This is the only thing Chaz knows how to do to keep activity up.

Because he's, you know, a bad leader.Brown9

He should be purged. Or burned at the stake...