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Well, I'm back! It also means I'm way, way behind in listing my purchases. Well, I'll get to that in due time. Here's my recent purchases from the trip I did last week (Straight from my blog): Here's the games and the prices I paid for them: Pac-Attack, Game Gear, Cart only, $2 Super Monaco GP, Game Gear, Cart only, $2 Columns, Game Gear, Cart only, $2 Sonic Blast, Game Gear, Cart only, $2 Chase H.Q., Game Gear, Cart only, $2 Puss' N' Boots: Pero's Great Adventure, NES, Cart only, $2.50 Milon's Secret Castle, NES, Cart only, $2.50 Galaga: Demos Of Death, NES, Cart only, $2.50 Disney Adventure's In The Magic Kingdom, NES, Cart only, $2.50 Castlevania: Symphony of the Night, PS1, Complete, $2 (a black label version, completed, in excellent shape!) Sled Storm, PS1, Complete, $1 Judge Dredd, PS1, Still Sealed, $1 Tekken, PS1, Complete, GH Version, $1 Tekken 2, PS1, Complete, $1 Tekken 3, PS1, Complete, $1 (I owned this back in the day, but mine was a GH copy. This is the black label version) Contender, PS1, Complete, $1 Die Hard Trilogy, PS1, Complete, GH Version, $1 Namco Museum Volume 1, PS1, Complete, $1 Pac-Man World 20th Anniversary, PS1, Complete, $1 Gran Turismo, PS1, Complete, $1 Gran Turismo 2, PS1, Complete, $1 (This is actually the first time I've seen both the 1st and original complete with both booklets in excellent shape, so for a buck each I'm very happy!) Silent Hill 3, PS2, Complete w/ Soundtrack CD, $3 (I now own 2 of Silent Hill 3's Soundtrack CD's!) Resonance of Fate, PS3, Complete, $18 ( Figured I nab a copy before it's too late) Final Fantasy XIII-2, PS3, New, $25 (My sister wanted this, but I doubt she'll ever play it xD) Yakuza: Dead Souls, PS3, New, $60 (Dunno why I bought this now, but I'm a huge fan of Sega as of late, especially of the Yakuza series. I just have a soft spot for Japanese games. SEGA!) Soul Caliber 5 Collector's Edition, PS3, New, $60 (Now there's collector's edition's and there are COLLECTOR'S EDITIONS! This is some nice stuff! Inside the box is a big hardbound book with shiny gold like trim that houses the game, a making of Soul Caliber 5 Blu ray disk, a hard bound 100 page full color artbook, that has the collector's edition CD Soundtrack on the back inside cover! Also, includes a code to download the Dark and White Knight Costumes for creation mode! Nice velvet like inlay (or is it real velvet?) Overall this is one pretty collector's edition of a game.)
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his name there is the same as everywhere else - GAMECAMILLER waflerevolution

In light of all at Gamespot I've joined the backloggery to try to get my game collection there.

And hi guys and gals :P


Yeah, Backloggery is the way to go. GS keeps messing things up and making organizing one's collection a difficult task. Let us know your Backloggery username.

Yup, you would be correct Wafle :P
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In light of all at Gamespot I've joined the backloggery to try to get my game collection there.


And hi guys and gals :P

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add me for Raptr and here's my Wii number: 8752 1449 1715 9464 if anyone adds me on Wii, send me a messageBig_Evil666
Shoot Me a link to a picture signature like the one I have posted.


Added you and wafle to the Wii and Ds tags list.

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@KG - Another great haul of games!

  @GAMECAMILLER - Good stuff. The Japanese PSN account sounds like fun. Grats on getting Valkyrie Profile 2 at a great price! 

@gmsnpr - Grats on your GC find! Wicked to find something after looking for such a long time. 

I bought a couple more things from Willow Video Games...

1.  Mega Man X Collection (PS2) NM complete $13

2. Street Fighter Anniversary Collection (PS2) NM complete $13

3. TAO's Adventure: Curse of the Demon Seal (DS) NM complete $10

Also found a game that I had purchased from Staples in the cheap bin (lol)...

1. The Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks (DS) new $10 

Awesome price on zelda!


Base Wars IS awesome... Mutant League Hockey should be on that list... Rock N Roll Racing as well.waflerevolution
Base wars was such an awesome game! I Used to own a copy years ago as a kid. Many a fun time was had as I destroyed a robot to steal a base :D

I  got a copy of

Hot Shots Golf: Out Of Bounds, PS3, Used, Complete $26

 For some strange reason this game is increasingly becoming harder to find and starting to go up a tad in price. I guess it's word of mouth getting around. Keep a look out for this one guys and gals. I know Amazon recently got some new copies in stock.


Everyone is getting nice pickups as of late! :)

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yikes, looks like page 13 of our thread is suffering from a bad HTML error. o_0


(edit, Looks like I fixed it. That was crazy.)



  • NCAA College Basketball 2K3, GC, v. fine, CIB, $35.95 FX Videogame Exchange (I've searched for one in the wild for years)gmsnpr
NICE! Haven't see one of those in person.

Wished Sega still made sports games (besides tennis of course).


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The only import PSP game that I have is probably worth getting: Breath of Fire III.  It's a European release, so the language options are nice.

Plain text is poorly-formed HTML, BTW 

I'll keep that in mind. (referring to bold text)What are you referring to Gmsnpr?
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To celebrate the arrival of the weekend, I decided to take a video gaming trip up to the tri-city area and got a variety of goods:KGKaiju

Nice load of retro games there! :D

As for myself I've got msyelf a Japanese PSN Account and nabbed a few titles from the online store:

Malicious (one of the best PSN, correction, download titles, you'll ever play.

Dark Mist (Legend of zelda meets twin stick shooter, very nice!)

Ore no Ryouri (which translates to "My Hot Cooking," a great ps1 import that uses the dual analog sticks to serve up meals and other mini games. Very fun, a bit hard, packed with a lot of stuff to do.)

Weekly Toro Station, (A news progam that has a bunch of mini games with it as well.

Aside from that, I got:

Fallout New Vegas, PS3, Used, complete, $15

Valkyrie Profile 2, Ps2, Used Complete, $11

 Yakuza 3, Ps3, New, $15

 Red Orchestra 2 Deluxe Edition, PC (Steam), Free (won via a contest :D)

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Happy birthday to me. I used 1200 Nintendo Coins to get something neat from Club Nintendo.

Ball, the first title of the Game & Watch series, has been reproduced and reissued exclusively for Club Nintendo members! This unit is a faithful reproduction of Nintendo's first handheld gaming system, originally released in 1980. The objective of the game is to keep the balls in the air while juggling. Move the Juggler's arms left and right to catch the balls without dropping any, and the challenge increases the longer you can juggle. And of course, it's not only a game, but a watch too!someNONSENSE

Happy birthday. That sounds pretty cool!

happy birthday! Very cool collectable!
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Recently, I've purchased a a few Japanese PS3/PSP games. Over the last couple years I've gotten a few import games for my collection but never had a desire to go after any until recently. Considering the PS3 and PSP are region free, I'm interested in getting a few imports for them.

Does any out there in CCU land have any suggestion for any import titles for the PS3 or PSP? I do actually have a Japanese PSN account as well. Preferably games that didn't get release in the USA.