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Research Time: Why Can't My PS3 Play MY PSN Games After Being Unplugged?

Hello all!

It's been since about March since I last posted on my ol' blog here, but I come today with some important research! What's the research you ask? Well read below:



A year ago I encountered a problem with my PS3's downloadable games. As I was traveling away from home for a few weeks, I took my PS3 with me to play some downloadable games I was staying at (offline). When I tried to start any of them up it would give me an error and prevent me from playing any of them. When I tried looking up online for any similar situation, I could not find anything.



"Is there a problem with my PS3 that in the future, will I be completely unable to play my digital games I've bought?"



I decided to wait after my PS Plus ended to attempt to do some research. Here's everything I did:

1.) I picked Zen Pinball 2 (PSN) and Super Street Fighter Alpha 2 (PSN PSONE Digital) to use as my tests on the system. My PS3 models is the Big Original model (CECHK01), with 2 USB and no backwards compatibility (The model that came after they removed the support for PS2 games).

2.) First I made sure that my system was "activated" during the activation and deactivation management system in the PS3.

3.) I disabled my internet connection within the PS3's menu. Attempted to play the games. Worked fine.

4.) With net still disabled, I turned off the ps3. Pressed the switch in the back. Unplugged system. Waited 5 minutes. Turned system back on. Asked for date and time. I put in that day's date and time. Attempted to play Zen Pinball 2 - it is in demo only mode. Attempted to play Super Street Fighter Alpha 2 - error appears, unable to play.

5.) Enabled the internet connection, having not signed into my PSN account yet at that time. Attempted to play Zen Pinball 2 - it is in demo only mode. Attempted to play Super Street Fighter Alpha 2 - error appears, unable to play. Same results as if the net was disabled.

6.) Went into Date and Time. Set it via the internet. Still have not signed into my PSN account yet at that time. Attempted to play Zen Pinball 2 - works as normal. Attempted to play Super Street Fighter Alpha 2 - no error appears, able to play.



What does this all mean? What it means is, your PSN games, in order to operate, REQUIRE an saved date and time set by the internet to operate.

"But I'm able to unplug my ps3, and plug it back in and able to play it offline just fine. What's wrong with yours, Gamecamiller?"

The thing that makes my PS3 so "special" is this: The battery that allows me to save my date and time is...


Dead. It's gone bad. In short, when I unplug it, it's unable to keep the date and time saved that was set by the internet and thus it requires it to be reset via an internet connection after a complete disconnect from power. If I just power the system off to standby, and then power it on, I never lose my date and time.

The good news here is, I'll never lose access to my PSN games. It just means that my PS3 can never travel anywhere unless it connects to the net first. The date and time fix is dependant on the internet connection (one time) not PSN.

One would say "replace the battery" but unfortunately that's not easy to do with a PS3 original model (Nor a Slim it seems).

So there you go, hopefully this info is able to help someone out there since there seems to be no information on this yet at all on the internet (!)

Happy gaming, Gamespotters!

New Ducktales game announced! Yes!

A new Ducktales game for XBLA, PSN and Wii U is in the works to come out by Capcom! It'll be developed by Wayforward. Saw the trailer today and it is AMAZING. It'll be released at $15.

Ducktales WOO HOO!

Happy New Year! My Favorite Games of 2012

It's time! Happy New Year! Time to list my favorite games that came out in 2012 (that I played)!

This year's going to be in 1 post, and will feature 20 games, in no particular order. Let's begin!

20. Double Dragon Neon (PS3 PSN)


Here's a game I would have never have played if it wasn't for PS Plus. Double Dragon Neon isn't only a game that is a tribute to beat 'em up games of the past and 80's in general, it's a great game in itself. The music is awesome, the gameplay solid, and it features one of my favorite endings to a game ever. And did I mention the Bro-op? (Co-op) It's stellar. Most will ignore my recommendation, but if you like beat 'em ups of yesteryear, seriously play this game. I'm glad I did.

19. Virtua Fighter 5 Showdown (PS3 PSN)


Virtua Fighter 5 is one of my favorite games from early on in the 360 Lineup. It's characters feature solid, deep move lists and some of the best fighting 3D gaming ever saw at the time (2007). Time has changed a bit since then, the update, Showdown, proves that VF5 is still great. It's one of the more hardcore 3D fighting games - it teaches you to learn your character, and really time your moves more then any other game I've ever played. I played this via PS Plus and had a blast replaying with one of my favorite fighting game characters ever, Eileen (Monkey Kung Fu)!

18. Soul Caliber V (PS3)


Okay, let me get this out of the way. SC V is no SC II. It's new characters are lackluster (except for Natsu), the game's a bit unbalanced, the story mode is...ugh. That said how can I even put it on this list? It was the customization. The customization in SC V is the best it's ever been in any fighting game, and being able to create your own characters and fight is the game's saving grace. Heck, I made SakuraShinguji (Sakura Wars/Sakura Taisen) in the game and gave her Mitsurugi'smove set!The game needed to be on the cooker a bit longer though.

17. Puzzles and Dragons (Android/Google Play Store)


Most are probably looking at this and saying "what the heck is this game and why the hell does it have such a generic title?!" Okay, do yourselves all a favor and download this free game by GungHo Online Entertainment. It's a game from Japan that is a cross between Puzzle Quest and Pokemon. You go through and collect monsters and use their abilities while creating chains from a bejeweled-like game. It's more addictive then you think and I have a feeling that if the word gets out there it could be as big as Angry Birds. Ever since downloading it, I've found myself playing it at lunch break almost every day at work.

16. Tekken Tag Tournament 2 HD (PS3)


After playing TTT2 Prologue via Tekken Hybrid earlier this year I knew what Iw as getting in to. It's a weird one to put on the lsit because basically I haven't played much of it technically in 2012 as I liked, but regardless I know it's great what I have played. This game will be played far into 2013.

15. Gotham City Imposters (PS3 PSN)


Another one via PS Plus. This one didn't hit off with many, but I appreciate the different gameplay from normal shooters. It's heavy emphasis on gadgets, continuous unlocking and teamwork really hit a soft spot with me. It's not the best title, but it sure did suck me in with it's character in 2012.

14. Nano Assault Neo (Wii U eShop)


Getting the Wii U was something I didn't originally intend to like the Vita earlier this year. I'm a sucker for fancy gadgets, as everyone knows, so after a few weeks on the shelves I caved and bought the deluxe model for Xmas. A bit weary, I've had an awesome time with the device so far. Nano Assault Neo is another shoot 'em up from Shin'en, who developed one of the first game's I ever played on the GBA, Iridion 3D. They are know to really create some pretty shoot 'em ups, mostly for handhelds, and I've yet to play a shoot 'em up from them that was subpar. This was their first console release (albeit digital only), and it's simply gorgeous. It's not as meaty as their previous titles, but they really made a fun shooter in a little amount of time. It's worth buying.

13. LittleBigPlanet PS Vita (PS Vita)


I participated in the beta test for LBP PSV, and you just knew this game was going to be magic. The touch functions add a nice touch, and the cross compatibility with previous DLC and levels from LBP 2 really make this a massive game. It really is LBP in portable form. I'll be playing more of this in 2013.

12. Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Collector Set (PS3) (Street Fighter X Tekken, PS3)) (My Fighting GOTY)


This one kinda breaks the rules. This isn't one game, basically it's a ton of games in a box. the SF 25th set is an awesome collector's set, that especially in the PS3 supplies you with tons of SF games, DLC, Music, movies, avatars, and a nice statue as well.

...But to keep it a bit fair I'll center around SF X Tekken. Let's face it, I have a Love/Hate relationship with this game, as shown earlier this year, and naming it my Fighting Game of 2012, seems even more perplexing. I dislike what they did with the DLC in this game, even though getting it in this massive box set with all these goodies offsets it, as a regular release they really should have included all the character (on the disk!) without having to pay for it. That I don't agree with one bit. But the gameplay itself, at it's core, is VERY solid and fun. Having not only a great tag game, plus incorporating the Tekken characters in the SF 4 Engine, was surprising, and fun to play. I had a lot of fun with this title this year. Even if I don't agree what Capcom did with the character DLC.

11. Rock Band Blitz (Xbox 360 Arcade)


RBB was fun to play if only to relive my library of songs from past Rock Band games. I had a blast scoring and listening to songs this past year.

10. Uncharted: Golden Abyss (PS Vita)


PS Vita is the single most anticipated handheld system I've ever wanted. When I got it in early 2012, I dove right into it, buying a bunch of games for it. Uncharted is one of those title that stood out, if only for one thing. Holy moly, is this game GORGEOUS! It's single best looking handheld game I've ever played. The gameplay was solid, If not as long as it's console brethren, and using the vita to aim, actually felt pretty useful. It wowed me in 2012, and I had fun.

9. Mortal Kombat (PS Vita)


Best fighting game on a handheld, period, right now. If Vita has anything going for it, it's that it's D-pad is well suited for fighting games. Mortal Kombat (9) revitalized the franchise, by making it less clunky, faster, and more fluid with it's controls in 2011, and in 2012 it made a successful, impressive jump to the Vita. It's worth playing, and somehow MK9 is even better on the go. FINISH HIM!

8. Yakuza: Dead Souls (PS3)


I wish I finished up this game in 2012, but regardless I still had fun playing this "What IF" game featuring the characters of Yakuza. It's a bit wacky, but I had fun blowing up zombies, Yakuza style.

7. Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed (Wii U) (Racing GOTY)


Oh my gawd, my playing it for a while my first time, I put down the controller and called it - this is simply the best kart racing game I have ever played. Better then any Mario Kart Racing game before it. It's got loads of unlockables, tons of gameplay options, loads of amazing tracks, online, and exciting races. It's amazing how Sega has taken a genre and taken it to new heights. Nintendo take note, because Sega just set the bar. If you have any interest at all in kart racing, you NEED to buy this title. It's a must have from 2012. Obviously, my favorite racing game of 2012

6. MLB 12: The Show (PS3) (Sports GOTY)


I'm really picky when it comes to baseball games, but MLB 12 became my new favorite sports game in 2012. The presentation is amazing, and the gameplay is as solid as it's ever been in a baseball game. People always talk about Madden, and FIFA, but for me MLB 12 is the real deal. Love this game. MLB 12 is my Favorite sports game of 2012.

5. Gravity Rush (PS Vita) (Portable GOTY)


Gravity Rush was a game I was excited for when I first heard about in 2011. When it came out mid 2012, I was blown away. GR's gravity based gameplay works really well, but it's the level design and Kat, game's lead character that really make the package gel. This could be the start of a new franchise for Sony. My favorite portable game of 2012, and a must play for any Vita owner.

4. Super Stardust Delta (PS Vita PSN)


SSD was my first digital title for the Vita and still one of my favorites. It's the best game in the Super Stardust series, and not only that, it's a darn good shoot 'em up as well.

3. Little Inferno (Indie GOTY)


A lot don't know about this title, some say it's not even a game...but whatever it is, it's one of the best things I played all year. It's set around a fireplace that you must burn things. Weird, heck yes, but those who get to the end realize the game's true intention, and love it. I hate to leave this vague as it is, but I really don't want to spoil anything about this game. All I can say is if you like games like Journey and Flower, this is a game to get.

2. Super Mario Bros Wii U


Wow, a Mario Game on my list? After getting this at Xmas, I have to say this - it's the most fun I've had with a 2D Mario game since Super Mario Bros 3 and Super Mario World. Past games in the NSMB series haven't sucked me in like this game has, and I think it has to do with a couple of things:

1. The overall levels are creative and fun to play.

2. Secrets GALORE

I just feel that past NSMB games have lacked the charm that SMB3 and SMW had, and NSMB Wii U recreates that again. A must purchase for your Wii U and a game I am glad I got to play in 2012.

1. Xenoblade Chronicles (Wii) (Overall GOTY, Console GOTY, RPG GOTY)


What can I say about Xenoblade Chronicles that I haven't already said? Most games in the list I didn't do in terms of favorite order, but let's get one thing straight, Xenoblade Chronicles IS my absolute favorite game of 2012. I'm shocked that not only did a Wii game, a game from a system I didn't care much about, not only became my favorite game of 2012, but my favorite RPG game of all time - no wait - my favorite game of all time.Xenoblade Chronicles is a masterpiece, I can not stress it enough. It fun to play beginning to end, and a for any RPG fan. The game I had the most fun with in 2012.

Well, there it is, there will be more gaming in 2013!

I got a Wii U And the Games I got for Christmas (Plus latest Acquisitions)

Heyas all! I know I don't come here as much I used to, But I drop in every once In a while. Here's my yearly Christmas Post! Hope everyone had a good Xmas and Holiday!

As thetitle says, I did get a Wii U for Xmax. Actually I sorta paid for it myself xD But hey does that matter? :P

It's the deluxe set of course, and so far I'm impressed. Nintendo's done a good job so far.

Oh and if you got one, make sure to add me! My Wii U SN is Gamecamiller.

What games I got for it for Xmas? Here's the list:

New Super Mario Bros Wii U

Nintendo Land (Deluxe Set)

Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed

I also purchased from the eShop:

Mighty Switch Force Hyper Drive Edition

Little Inferno

Nano Assault Neo


From My Wonderful GF I got:

LittleBigPlanet PS Vita

Raganok Odyssey Mercenary Edition


I also got more games as well:

Sakura Taisen 3 (Dreamcast)

Sakura Taisen 4 (Dreamcast)

Sakura Taisen 1 & 2 (PSP)

And a 32 Gb Card for the Vita. There are things I got last month as well, but I'll list them in another blog.

October Horrors?

It's October! It's time for SCARES.


So gamespotters, what do you plan to do? Going to play some scary games?

Right now I'm working On Street Fighter X Tekken, but I was thinking of Opening Resistance: Burning Skies and finishing up Yakuza: Dead Souls (ZOMBIES). I should finish Alice Madness Returns too.

What are you guys and gals gonna play?

Back From My Trip, A Few Nice Finds, Plus SF 25th Collector's Set Obtained

Heyas Gamespotters, I've been away for a tad bit, but I've recently returned from out of town. I've picked up a few games to add to my collection:

I found an Japanese Gameboy Color Game: Doraemon Kart 2. It's a Japanese Kart racing game for the Gameboy color. Doraemon is the name of a famous Japanese Character ( A robotic Cat) that been in everything from Manga, Movies to Video Games.

Also scored a disk only copy of Time Gal for the Sega CD System. It's in the style of Drgaon's Lair, but with a Time Traveling Anime Style Girl. It was made by Taito for the Arcade's Originally in 1984.

I scored some PSP Games on the cheap, as well as two PS2 titles. Here's the sum of what I got while I was out of town, and what I paid for them:

Doraemon Kart 2, GBC Import, Cart only, $8

Time Gal, Sega CD, Disk only, (Included with my Doraemon game purchase)

Shadow Hearts, PS2, Complete, $27 (Does anyone out there remember this RPG game? It has a sequel also on the PS2, as well as a "prequel" of sorts with Koudelka for the PS1, which I own)

Okami, PS2, Complete, $18 (I never played Okami....*ducks flying objects*)

Phantom Brave: The Hermuda Triangle, PSP, Complete, $7

Gods Eater Burst, PSP, Complete, $11 (I've played the Japanese Demo in the past and loved it.)

Brave Story: New Traveler, PSP, Complete, $7

Soul Caliber: Broken Destiny, PSP, Complete, $17

As you can see, I've focused much on the PS2 and PSP as of late (refer to my last blog post for reasons why).


Beyond those I got a couple new Vita Games and a DS game (been forever since I bought a brand new DS game)

Mortal Kombat, PS Vita, New, $30

Resistance: Burning Skies, PS Vita, New, $30

Super Scribblenauts, NDS, New, $20

Mortal Kombat on Vita is a wonderful fighting game, and as of right now, and as of right now, the best fighting game I've seen on a portable. It beats out Super Street Fighter 4: 3D Edition on the 3DS as my previous favorite. It controls so darn well, and has plenty of content to keep you coming back for more. This is yet another fighting game that proves that the Vita is great for fighting games.

I beat Super Scribblenauts in a few days. While I'm glad I got to play it, I do see why some prefer the first one better, since the challenges in this one have solutions that are much more restrictive.


Lastly, I got the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary set for the PS3. It's simply wonderful. It might be my favorite collector's set of all time. There's simply so much game content and other stuff to go through that it'll keep me busy for months. xD

The Era Is Over, Gamestop To Phase Out PS2 Games


Well for some of you, it's been long over, but Gamestop has announced that they plan to remove Playstation 2 games to make room for the Wii U.

That pretty much means for any brick and mortar retailer, that and ps2 games left will be on clearance to make wave for Wii U as well.

So the end of an era has come. 12 years later (!!!), the Playstation 2 is riding into the sunset. Yes, a few games still are being released for it (This month, FIFA 13 and PES 2013) will be released for it. I digress, let's face it folks, the era is over. With it, as the last rider of the 6th generation posse that consisted of: The Sega Dreamcast, Nintendo Gamecube, The Xbox, The Gameboy Advance Line, Neo Geo Pocket, and Swancrystal and GP32 (okay and ol' taco phone, N-Gage too.)

With that aside, I highly advise people if they need any parts for their Playstation 2 (controllers, memory card, etc.) might be a good time to get it now, or at the very least within the next couple weeks.

I hit up my local gamestop to see what they have left, and it seems that most of what's left is incomplete game scraps. I did manage to nab 4 for my collection:

Chaos Wars, PS2, Complete, $8, Known for it's hilariously bad English voice acting. it's a crossover RPG consisting of characters from Aruza, Atlus, RED, and Idea factory.

PaRappa The Rapper 2, PS2, Complete, $6

Harvest Moon: Save The Homeland, PS2, Complete, $8

Shin Magami Tensei Nocturne, PS2, Used, $18 (Quite a coincidence since I've gotten into the Shin Megami Tensei series)

Looking over my collection, I stillsee there's plenty of games from the 6th gen that still need to be played. Sad as I might be, I shall be enjoying the 6th Gen for years to come with memories, and some new ones.

So it's Been a While; Let's Reacquaint Ourselves Shall We?

So it's been over a month since I've last blogged. A lot has happened gaming wise since I've been away, so let's get it back into motion, shall we?

First, to sum up before I left: I had just beaten Persona 3 Portable, an AWESOME RPG, That's easily in my top ten favorite RPGs of all time. Quite an amazing year for me! First Xenoblade Chronicles, then P3P...Maybe my JRPG days are not over? I also went and played Persona 3 FES to compare, and to play "The Answer," the epilogue chapter after the ending of Persona 3 (which is not on P3P.) To be honest, I did not like The Answer at all, and am glad they left it out of the P3P release. After playing FES, I can safely say, that I liked P3P better, it was made after Persona 3 FES and Persona 4, and I liked the improvements. That said, if you don't own a PSP of PS Vita, Persona 3 FES is still a must get game, simply because of how well constructed it is, how different it is compared to other RPGS on the PS2, and Value. It's also on the PS Store to play on PS3 via PS2 Classics!

I got Disgaea 4 Premium Edition for PS3 last month for my Birthday from my girlfriend. I'm making a point to go through the Disgaea series from beginning to end.

With that said I also got:

Disgaea: Afternoon of Darkness for $9.99

Disgaea 2: Dark Hero Days for $14.99

Via digital download for the PSP. I've beaten Disgaea 1 already (went through the game once) and going through the Bonus Etna Mode. I'll be going onto Disgaea 2 next.

Bouncing between Persona and Disgaea, I also got a copy of Persona 4 Arena for PS3 that comes with the bonus soundtrack. Before I get to that, I must finish Persona 4, which I own on PS2 and started up over a week and a half ago. I'm about half way through now, loving the heck out of it. This year has been pretty good for me and RPGs and I'm glad it's continuing.

I did pick up my Preorder for Last Story for the Wii (and got my soundtrack for it, which soundtracks and seem to be my newest obession as of late) though this puppy will be put off after Persona 4 is finished and some great playtime has been aquired in Persona 4 Arena.

Speaking of which, I'd love to get Persona 4 Golden for Vita one day, heck I'd love to preorder the Premium edition for it that comes with the Hori case and bag and such. But, with so many games, gotta balance the money (and time!)

I have fiddled with BlazeBlue Continum Shift Extend a bit in preperation of Persona 4 Arena, and to stop letting the game collect dust (hey, I did get it for free!)

In September, as I've mentioned many times before, I'm looking forward to the SF 4 25th anniversary set for PS3. So excited!

Also, has anyone tried to play PSone classics on Vita yet? amazingly I was abel to get all of my games on there except for 1 yet, that is not transferable to Vita yet, via Store, History, or PS3 (Legend of Mana).

So, there's what I've been up to. Busy, busy. Oh, before I forget, I did get Rock Band Blitz for 360 today. I'll be posting thoughts on that later. But for now, I need to get back to the gaming grind! My poor schedule is packed! Laters, Guys and Gals!

The Celebration Just Got Bigger

How are you enjoying Comic con Gamespotters? I have to say, I'm a bit surprise at how well Gamespot is covering it this year, also a bit surprised at how much game news and such has come out of an event that is meant for....comics. ANYWAYS, the best news came yesterday.

Remember, how I said I preordered the Street Fighter 25th Anniversary Box Set for PS3 a while back? Well it looks like for PS3 users the box set is gonna be even BIGGER with the addition of more games, DLC and Avatars!

"Today, at Comic-Con, Capcom revealed even more stuff for the PS3 version, and since it's digital it doesn't take any more room in the box.

In addition to the games and materials already announced, the PS3 version includes downloads for the PSOne Classics versions of all three Street Fighter Alphas, Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max on PSP, the DLC for Street Fighter 3: 3rd Strike Online, and 175 PSN avatars."


That's a LOT of freaking content. And while I own physical forms of some of these having it digital will be awesome, especially for the PS1 classics and Steet Fighter Alpha 3 Max on Vita with the awesome stick it has (really, the system is great for fighting games.)

So, here's the final rundown of what the PS3 version will include:

The Games and DLC:

Super Street Fighter® II Turbo HD Remix

Street Fighter® III 3rd Strike Online Edition with all it's DLC

Super Street Fighter® IV Arcade Edition (On Disk) with all costume DLC

Street Fighter® X Tekken® (On Disk) including all character and Swap Costume DLC

Street Fighter Alpha Via PSOne Classics

Street Fighter Alpha 2 Via PSOne Classics

Street Fighter Alpha 3 Via PSOne Classics

Steet Fighter Alpha 3 Max (PSP/PSvita) Download

Video and Soundtrack:

Two-disc Blu-Ray set includes a documentary, Street Fighter®IV and Super Street Fighter®IV Anime movies as well as all episodes of the Street Fighter animated series and Street Fighter®II: The Animated Movie.

11-Disc Soundtrack


Light-up Ryu Statue, exclusive to the set only

64-page Hardcover Art Book

Ryu's Belt Created to regulation specs

Certificate of Authenticity

Special Edition Box to house it all!

All for $150. I IS SOLD!

Bought into the Summer Deals

So, I finally bought into some of the digital summer deals going on, this time on PSN.

I bought:

Infamous: Festival of Blood off PSN for $4.89 (Via PS Plus discount)

Rivera: The Promised Land for $4.99 (via Atlus Sale)

Shin Megami Tensei Persona 3 Portable for $9.99 (via Atlus Sale)

Infamous: FoB is a highly rated PSN title for just a few bones. Rivera is a nice RPG with lots of funny dialogue. It's a port of a GBA game which is a remake of a Wonderswan game. And I got Persona 3 since my copy for PS2 (FES one) is still sealed (plus it's the highest rated portable PSP RPG ever). Both Rivera and PErsona 3 are playbale on Vita (which is what I'll be exactly doing).

I also got:

Gravity Rush: Spy Pack for $3.99

'Cause you know, I loves me some Gravity Rush.

Just a reminder, Summer Sales for PSN end later today, and the Atlus Sale is pretty decent with all the portable persona titles on sale among a few others, including Catherine for PS3.