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I wasn't sure if Medal of Honour was or not, obviously words like "Colour" spelt "Color" and "Honour" spelt "Honor" are Americanisms, so will the spelling be changed accoring to region?


They aren't americanisms, they are MODERN ENGLISH!!

Oh and you guys can throw out that aging queen of yours along with all the archaic anglo saxon stonehenge spellings.

I have no problem with them spelling it using "American English", but what you just said is actually very ignorant. Most English-speaking nations outside of the US spell various words like "labour", "colour" and "honour" with the "u" FYI. So you actually might want to think/reseach before using that rather uninformed little brain of yours.

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Thanks for the link there......interesting article. I also managed to find this article "PC Gaming not hit as hard as some estimate" by the same author. Interesting read......and he does bring up/raise some interesting points most wouldn't consider.

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The number of online game players rose 22 percent in May compared to a year ago, drawing more than 87 million players in the U.S., according to market researcher comScore.

That improvement is a stark contrast to the slide in overall console game revenues in the U.S., which fell 23 percent compared to a year ago in dollar sales, according to market researcher NPD.

NOTE, this study did not even factor in all the PC MMOs.


more like pc gaming is dying

Problem is.........most of those games are played online.......via your PC's internet connection.

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PC gaming is the only thing thats dying. Sorry hermits.


Uhhh.......isn't that a "retail" figures chart for the US only. Which I might add......doesn't include things electronic purchases (DLs) and paid subscriptions. Sorry there little cow.

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No, but people are dying when they pay $2000 to upgrade their PC and can't afford food.


:lol:...............Where the hell did you get that figure from?

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Warhammer 40k Gold Edition. The game is actually listed on GS, but there is some info missing on the page as well as title heading. Here is the link.
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