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I voted in GotY, Xbox 360 GotY, and PS3 GotY. . . and a bunch of other categories where the only right answer was either Castle Crashers or Burnout Paradise.


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This is a season with a lot of high-profile games. We have found ourselves wanting to do a lot more video reviews than we have done. The Live team (in conjunction with Edit) made trade-offs about which games got video reviews. It happens that the games we chose were not PSP games. When something clearly standout on the PSP, we definitely give it some video love. A great example is Crisis Core. That game was not only a prequel to one of the greatest JRPGs of all time, but also one of the best games to come out this year.
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Your first topic was read and noted. Creating a duplicate topic when one already exists is not only disruptive but also spam.

Please don't do that again.

Update: *locked*

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I'm only here to say thank you to GameSpot for advertising a little bit more for the unions. I've noticed that you've been taking more advantage of the wideness of the site.Sentinelrv

Thanks. With the wide redesign I really wanted to give the unions some more love. One thing we also did was make the GameSpot Live union board the official board to discuss all things related to GameSpot Live productions. Right now there is a lot of paring that needs to be done with abandoned or seemingly redundant unions for them to work well. We have a lot of projects in discussion and a finite amount of resources. Where applicable we've been trying to ensure unions get more love and more notice around the site.

Hopefully 2009 will be the year of the Community initiatives.

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I've enjoyed this site for quite some time, but there is one thing which became annoying. At least for me it has. I really dislike the fact that for many games, especially new ones, i have to visit their manufacturer's site in order to see the game's system requirements; this piece of information was offered bay Gamespot without any problems in the past years.

If I need to know something about a game, I know that gamespot was the "spot" and it offers everything... but why doesn't it offer the game details? I believe that that's the first thing I'm interested in a game. And it's the first thing (and it's a shame)I don't find it here.

Otherwise I have to congratulate those responsable for the site and I hope you'll keep up the good work!


We still offer that data. . . But I see what you are saying. The distinction, it seems, comes in games released before we switched to our new wide format versus those to hit shelves after the design. I'll check with our gamespace gurus to clarify whether we are going to continue to add that information.

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Thanks for the suggestion.

Subscribers have access to event chats. During that time a lot of users discuss games that came out or games being shown during On the Spot, live gameplay marathons, or special events (like E3). Chats require a moderator or staff member to be present. AT this time, we can't ensure chats would be open at all times, thus we reserve live exchanges for special events.

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Thanks for the post Panda. Based on you list. . .

I would like to see the following happen:

1. Be able to favourite game trailers, teasers, videos to show what you've found cool.

2. Hits counter on blogs. The comments doesn't tell me how many people have seen my blogs.

3. Place polls on your blog. See what your freinds think about things without bringing them to a clogged forum.

4. More specific games. Games you're tracking divided into PS3, 360, WII, DS, PSP, PC, etc.

5. An add-on ot accomodate PSN users. XBL users have it, why not us?

6. Poll the ads. I've seen to many 'Make 300 in 20 minute' ads. Please do a brief poll for users to describe their favourite ads less the games, which always change and would bring around fanboyism in the votes.

7. More video reviews. I don't like to stress over reading whether a games good or not. I'd prefer to watch it. And footage.

8. More feedback on this forum. C'mon at least half the posts here get a look in! At least comment on them all!

9. More of a chance for emblems. yes, this may put me as an emblem savage, but a more opportunities to grab some would be nice.

10. Better blog promotion. Instead of having 3 featured blogs that are all filed under editorial, have a list of categories for blogs, and have the best blogs from that particular category of blogs.

That is all (only that!) I request you think about. Thanks for your time. if they don't read this, you've wased my time, yet again!


. . . I have some feedback:

1. We used to have that, but it was removed when we upgraded the video player and moved to our wide format earlier this year. Right now it is a function not set to return to the site.

2. if I understand your request correctly, you want more discreet metrics on your individual blog posts beyond the profile views available in your About Me page? That is an interesting idea. We looked at that during the redesign, but chose not to implement it.

3. Man, I would love to see that happen. I have a lot of places I want to place polls around the site. Profiles are only one of them. Hopefully you will see that in 2009 . . . though that is not a promise or a commitment. ;)

4. I am not sure what functionality you want to see that is not already available. If you go to your tracked games list then click on the Platform header, it should automatically sort your games by platform. You can also do it by release date, genre, score, and other categories.

5. Again, I don't know what kind of add-on you are looking for. If you mean a gamercard like provides, then you may want to lobby Sony. Right now only thrid-party sites really support the whole what-games-are-you-playing-on-your-PS3 plan or check-out-my-phat-trophy-collection display. The good news is Sony is finally merging their official online community site with user PSN IDs. Hopefully once that is complete, we can take another look at some PSN ID displays.

6. . . . ? I would really like to know what is being suggested here, but I am not entirely sure. It seems like you are suggesting a smart way to have ads targeted, but I am not sure.

7. The GameSpot Live team uses video to complement the written review not to supplant it. Over the years, GameSpot has improved the written review accessibility to incorporate easy-to-digest emblems, Good and Bad sections, and a strong introductory paragraph to summarize (as best as possible) the gameplay experience likely to be found with the title. Right now we don't have any plans to expand the video reviews, but you may see some adjustments over the next 18 months. That's not inside information, that's just the timetable I've noticed things have been adjusted and improved lately.

8. Take this exhaustive response as proof we read these posts. It won't happen all the time, but rest assured we are reading them.

9. In the last two months we have had nearly a dozen opportunities for emblems. I can't remember a time (short of when emblems were first rolled out) where we have offered so many unique profile accoutrements.

10. We made the conscious decision to promote editorials via our Soapbox feature since editorials represent the most thoughtful, articulate, and sophisticated commentary our users provide. I am a big fan of reading user blogs, editorials and otherwise. However, promoting rants, endorsing political commentary, or forcing religious views that some users uphold into the limelight are not the best use of community web pages. I can appreciate a desire to be able to search through categories. Perhaps placing a module on the Community Hub would be a good way for users to access a page to search blog entries or discussion topics ear marked with particular categories. I can certianly add that one to the investigate pile.

Like I said, I read these, and I am not the only staff member who does. Making contributions here is not a waste of time. However, the time I spend responding to topics is time I could be spending making sure the good ideas and site improvements are picked up and implemented. there is just as much of an opportunity cost on our end as there is on your end.


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That is something we've taken a look at and have evaluated possible solutions, but are not prepared to set a date for that to change.
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Don't be surprised if something like that is implemented over time. We are always looking for smart ways to differentiate retail games from aracade or downloadable games on the same system.
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The reviewers at GameSpot work hard to ensure the content we review is the same build, same code, and same service our users will see if or when they purchase a game or game expansion. Since the review process required to see enough MMO content to provide an adequate estimation of value for you can take some time, we do not have an estimate of when the review will be posted.

Please check back for more details on the expansion as we are able to post them.