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I dont have an iphone or any smart phone, is it still possible i can get the cool costumes like batman beyond and bane knightfall.

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@wirmhole: Hi I need those costumes from the Iphone versions, those unlockables like batman beyond, bane, etc... how can i help you, and u help me get the skins

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So Game of the year version coming soon, at end of May, and just wanted to know if anyone else thought the box cover art was just plain awful. Seriously, it just looks like a magazine ad, no art at all, just nothing messages, its ridiculous. And they even have an expiration date on the cover, what kind of awful mess is that! Then it even has a quote from a Gamepro, a magazine that no longer exist. This is ridiculous, Batman deserves more, so lets let Rocksteady know by emailing them. Please. Its a great game that deserves a proper cover.

General enquiries:

Maybe, hopefully, if enough people message them, they will get the hint.


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So i just got the Silver achievement, but i never got the bronze one. Any ideas on why? Both have the same requirements to just get medals as Batman.

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Sorry if there are already a ton of these messages about the plug and charge kit already...

But my xbox controller does not turn green after its been charged, the battery says its charged, but the lil red indicator light that is supposed to turn green, does not turn green, just staysred.. any ideas?

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Do you know what the default settings for the 360 are? is default Optimized or 1080?

Because ive been moving it around, trying to compare the settings between 720 and 1080, and i cant really tell the difference on the games ive plaved. But does anyone know what the OPTIMIZED setting on the 360 do..

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I was looking at the Settings on xbox, and i didnt know if i should leave it at 720, 1080p, 1080i, or Optimized....?

Can someone tell me the difference between the 1080p 1080i and Optimized settings, ??? My HD tv is a 1080p...

I know some games are only in 720, so if i leave it on optimized will it show 1080 for 1080 games and 720 for 720 games, or will it do something different..

Any answers greatly appreciated, i couldnt find anything online, and the questions that were out there were from 2006 or something...

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Some of the games mentioned i saw can be found at www.gamestop.com but usually USED for exepnsive prices.

I say a rare game to find would be Marvel vs Capcom 2, you usually only buy those from individual people online.

But go to www.gamequestdirect.com they have a lot of rare or hard to find games that they sell new. But a bit pricey.

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I have an old fat PS2 and ive had it for 4 years. I have never had any problems. And ive played it alot i mean just the endurance races for gran turismo i would play for like 2 days straight.

But yeah i was wondering if i should get a slimline PS2 before they stop selling them just in case my current Ps2 starts breaking. And i dont plan on buying a PS3 for maybe 1 1/2 - 2 years.