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Nice! Good move, Microsoft.

Now I'll be open to consider Windows 9 when the time is right unlike my view to the disaster that is Windows 8. But there's no reason to move away from Windows 7 unless Windows 9 brings some great benefits that makes switching worthy.

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What a bad list. Come on now, PC Gamer...

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Well, if you become relevant again by returning to PC development, then we might take you seriously.

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No, I'm not surprised. There are much more PC gamers than console gamers out there, and yeah, those stats are looking excellent for the PC platform.

I think it's time for console developers to stop caring about consoles as much as they do and focus on optimising their games for the PC.

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PS4 version looks washed out.

Consoles are being consoles. So inferior.

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Looks like he finally see the light.

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I do hope so though, it's not nice to miss out a great game.

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My new GPU and PSU has arrived. =)


Very nice. :) I want a tri-x 290 so bad. I knows yours a 290x, but you'll have to tell us how she performs.

My two cards together pretty much equal a 290, but I want the vram and performance without having to depend on crossfire. I mean I could crossfire the 290, but then that would be equal to 4 of my current cards. :P

Hey, sorry for not getting back about how she performs. Been really busy, lol.

She's great, runs games really well. Very happy. But took a while to get used to how Catalyst works when it comes to tweaking things.

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I didnt like FC3 all that much, it was OK. The PS3 version had some bad frame rate (atleast to me) and that was giving me a headache.

FC3 had potential. FC4 looks good, and being on PS4 would mean better performance. So I will have to wait till I buy a PS4 and skip out on the PS3 version. I really like the co-op sharing thing. Dont care for the competitive multiplayer tho, FC3's multiplayer was awful (and again, awful frame rate too).

This is one franchise that shouldn't be played on a console. Seriously.

Nah, Console is just fine, and it will be better optimized than PC :D

Agreed. I thoroughly enjoyed Far Cry 3 on PS3. Didn't encounter any major bugs or performance issues.


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Some people don't care about their stuff, they are often screw-ups in life.

I always take care of my physical games, of course, none of my discs are scratched apart from DVDs by light scratches - simply by rubbing cloth on it! Pretty normal, I'd say.