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i work as a phone interviewer and i need something to do those 30 seconds - 1 minute in between calls. from what i've read and heard about that game i don't think that would work. i think i need a collection of minigames or something. board games.
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I have locoroco..I like tetris. Not much of a puzzle game player but I need an easy puzzle game to play at work. Something like tetris would be cool but I want to be able to put the psp down without needing to press any buttons to pause the game. Like..doh..the pause button. It has to have replay value and it can't be anything that has to be completed in a certain amount of time. I need to be able to just put the psp down whenever I want to without problems...something like chess is perfect. Suggestions?
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If I wasn't joking I would be DUMB.
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Metal Gear doesn't sell so they should stop making the games.
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What we got on the EU store is in my opinion nothing.Thefolkloredemosucked.Iwatchedgameplayfootagebeforeanditlookedlikenothingformeandit'snot.Iactuallydiedwhenplayingthedemoandshutitdown. Also the leipzig trailers doesn't show much. The littlebigplanet stuff isold, the leipzig trailer montage shows old stuff. I think they still have some playable stuff to give everyone but what we got right now is dumb. My opinion.

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yes i made it. it is teh rox.
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