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New blog

I've thought a few days about having a blog. I've decided on sticking with deviantart for images. and youtube and gametrailers for videos. Any future littlebigimages will be uploaded to deviantart.

2008 predictions and promises!

-I love pro evo soccer 2008 but KonamireleasedacrappyversionjusttocompetewithFIFA."Yeahwellthey'llgetourgameanywaysbecauseit'sbetterthanFIFA." I haven't bought a soccer game since FIFA 96 on gameboy and playing pro evo with a friend locally is really cool. But Konami I'm not buying your next soccer game whatever it is. I don't even care if it's getting a top score all over the net.

-Infinity Ward...what the hell...give me my goddamn ability to mute players online. For the love of god.


-GTA 4

-SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE?!?!IrememberRESERVINGacopyofthemagazinebackin98whichhadtheMGS1playabledemo. Snake and I have been to hell and back. I'm playing through MG1 and 2 on msx and getting ready to finish the fight. If my hopes are fullfilled, Snake and I will go our separate ways back on shadow moses where we met ten years ago. Damn that's emo..






Ocarina of that time again.

I have yet to finish Ocarina of Time. I think I've completed one dungeon each year starting way back. Last I played I just got out of the water temple and I know I'm off to either the shadow or mirror one...if there is a mirror one. I might just try and finish one more this christmas.

Pink PS3!

SUPER HAPPYFUNDAY 1 TOY OF YEAR!!!! in my image section. I will probably use it to create a new littlebigplanet image before christmas or new years.


First time I've eaten one was yesterday and I realize now why it says "The World's No1 Biscuit!" on the package. Good thing I bought two. I even followed the instructions and dipped them in milk. Damn good stuff. Good enough to write about it! So if you have any comments on OREOS then leave them right here.

I uploaded all of my own wallpapers

They've been up at for a while but since I never bothered checking out how to upload pictures on gamespot I thought I'd do it now that I actually had something to upload. It's tempting to create a gamespot outfit for sackboy since it came to me quickly how I picture it to be.