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you're not supposed to press X. you only use that combo to activate the miracle sequence. once it starts and you need to keep up with the rythm you press circle! notice the text? "pon" and that last one that has the extra red one is a "pata" i believe. lay off X. press circle.
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gerstmann's seen it and it'll be the last thing he sees when i nuke his ass in garrysmod Glee = gerst.

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WTF!!!!!!!!!!!!! That may be the ugliest console I've ever seen. Its just plain horrible, and possibly just part of some really weird advertising campaign. Product placement anyone?RandomBeast

lol. yeah. i'm advertising for sony.

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i surrender. i give up

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at least it's glossy XD

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I don't know how "finished" this render is. I can certainly make it better if I feel like it. But I'd rather play on my original!

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try playing until the fan kicks in like you say, then open the window and let the cold air in and keep playing until the fan shuts the hell up. you don't need to worry, it's normal.
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Didn't bother with any extra quests. Did one just to try it out. Spent 16 hours on the game. 50/50 combat/story but it feels like it's 60-70% story. To me anyways. When starting it I knew I had to play through the same areas with the other character. It wasn't all that cool. For the sequel I want to play as one character only. The music was ok but repetitive. The story was really boring. I really tried to like the game but I found myself reading the story as fast as I could just to get to the next chapter. I didn't skip anything I just read it really fast. I got it for christmas and was going to exhange it but after reading and watching a lot of reviews I decided to give it ago. I don't regret it, but I'm not going back to play it again either.
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FF6 Ultros.