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is it normal for the ps3 to run its fan at full speed after an hour play, or when it thinks it hot, it happens when i play motorstrom, otherwise playing resistance doesnt make its fan noise, the system is running good but should i worry about the fan speed? is it about the room temperature or is my ps3 faulty, i play for hours and there are no faults just the fan speed increases after an hour. just tell me for information, i hope my ps3 is not faulty
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try playing until the fan kicks in like you say, then open the window and let the cold air in and keep playing until the fan shuts the hell up. you don't need to worry, it's normal.
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Well yea that's normal...while the Ps3's on the components constantly generate heat so the fan has to kick into high gear after a while to make sure thingz don't get tooo hot...

Happens all the time during my Warhawk games!

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It happend to me too
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hey thanks buddies, united we gamers stand.

it is a relief, love my ps3