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Looks generally a lot like Demon Souls with a staging lobby area artifacts to interact with that takes you to the game areas and a more refined combat system thats similar to ds but sets itself apart by the choice to aim your attacks and being a little slower. The game looks good can't wait to try it out.

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I agree, not to mention all the sheep saying that they are gonna have a increase in data centers up by the beginning of the week just kinda nerfs me even more. Just because I've seen this happen before and it usually takes much longer then a day or two to fix something would be nice to see the problem fixed by next week but I doubt it..

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I have been playing it since I picked it up last night at 12am and I guess the best way to honestly describe the way I feel about it is to say the multiplayer side of it reminds me alot of gears of war the very first game. Why I refer to that game mostly because theres very few maps for the game but the competition is very fierce due to the small maps and the 4x4. Normally I'd say 4x4 is a bad thing but the last of us did a amazing job with the balancing of the game. Id say if you haven't gotten the game yet GET It seriously its very very good..
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New Dante kicks old Dante's ass in everyway possible. If you haven't beaten the game then you don't know that he's just a younger version of old dante. He starts turning into the Dante you know and love. (Actually you don't know what Dante you love, since he acts totally different between all the old games...)

This game was the best entry so far (besides DMC3 but eh) I like this one a WHOLE lot more. I hope NJ makes a sequel.

New Dante isn't emo AT ALL. There is not ONE part of the game where he acts emo. So shut your damn traps and enjoy the game. The only thing emo about it is the "hardcore fans" crying all the time.


So very true brother so very true!

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I'll probably get this on my vita but as a person who doesn't like mmorpg games I'll probably just check it out for a few days and delete it... not to mention I don't support microtransactions either just call me old school I guess...
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nope I have looked everywhere on the net and its pretty much a set thing sadly. Its a total buzzkill to my need to want to play this game I guess in some reguard Kat reminded me of my mum and I was attached to her. But oh well what can you do u right?

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I gotta admit I like the game so far but gosh darn it I wish I had the option to kill off the characters in my own fashion. Like ben for a example I would've kicked him off the train after his lil confession... Not to mention Lilly another I'd would've gotten ride of or left behind but whatever I guess so far after they killed off one of my fav characters I just don't have the wanting to play the game anymore... oh well..

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Since the main game mechanic is a time restriction on the goals you must achieve to further the game Id say its a easy thirty hour game life span.

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Anybody hear any news about square enix and FF13 versus? Its probably the only game this e3 I wanna get some news about since I already pre orderedeverything I want on this e3 roster pretty much lol

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wow this post reminds of those old chex commericals where the kid gets the other kids opinion on something because he hopes the other kid will hate it. Awww good times good times....
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