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Soul Sacrifice Is almost here!!!

The time has almost arrived I keep telling myself, the time to finally put in full use and justify my PS Vita purchase.  Its a safe bet that other vita gamers out there feel the same as I. I am the proud but sad owner of four different variations of Playstation portable platforms ranging from the first psp which was black to a white 3000 and to a red psp go and now my modded out ps vita with the persona 4 gold screen protector and custom pad trigger combo which in cases my vita unit like a mother hugging its off spring.

Nevertheless the amount of time I spent holding the unit and staring at it in all its awesome glory I find myself constantly put off by the games I have tried my hardest to play and bare with since launch of the platform. My vita's gaming collection is quite large I have almost every major game release for it ranging from wipeout, Mortal Kombat, Metal Gear HD collection, Ragnorak Oddessy, Call Of Duty, Gravity Rush, BlazeBlue, and my only indie game rocketbirds hard boiled chicken. Honestly through even with these games I find myself feeling like my experiences with the hand held has been mediocre at best. Yes there are good games in my collection but there isn't anything there that gave me that holy cow I gotta play this feeling.  To say the least since the start of this year my hopes and dreams for my vita has been dwindling rather quickly. I have told myself I have to hold out till E3 and maybe at this massive event some vita games will be announced that will bring my hopes up for the system. THEN IT HAPPENED..

Soul Sacrifice demo was released onto psn and my worries and anxiety over my purchase has been all but removed. The first few hours with the game has left me with a vigor for the title that has been surprising and very much needed in restoring my quickly evaporating hopes. In total I have been playing the demo on and off for three days now and I find myself excited for tuesday to arrive for its release on the 30th.

To conclude I felt that a shout out to the vita community was much needed and typed this little piece up as a reminder to those who might of forgotten about the title to wake up and check out the demo if you haven't already and hopefully support the game this coming tuesday lets show sony there is support there we just need more quality games.

A future gaming concept.

There has been times in every gamer's life when they think to themselves I wish somebody would come up with a way to do this better or come up with a way to make this possible.  As a gamer whenever a new ip is annouced and a concept is presented I constantly find myself wishing they would instead take the game in a different direction instead of how most games seem to be presented nowadays.  

How long has it been since a new ip was presented that actually made me as a consumer feel surprised and made me hunger to jump into their world and explore it completely.  Honestly its been quite a number of years for me.  When I think back to the last time that sort of feeling flooded my senses I gotta admit if my memory recalls it was about the time I first played MorrowWind on the original Xbox.  Sure the game wasn't the first of its kind that I played on a console that introduced a open world that encouraged the player to explore it and see what there was to see.  But the colors and creatures and characters you met along your journey in MorrowWind was presented so well that it wasn't very hard to fall in love with the game.  

Now the year is 2013 and yes we don't have hover cars or boards yet but technology is advancing and a new console generation is upon us so I ask you the gamer these two questions.  If you were presented with the power to control three of the best developing studios availiable today to make a new IP what would your ip be?  What new concepts would you introduce to the public?  

For the longest time I have dreamed of a day when I could log onto a server and play a wargame with other players against not each other but against a AI that was intelligent enough to force the players to work as a team and run manuvers to defeat it.  The games name would be called WorldWar.  The main objective to the game would be pretty straight forward.  Beat the AI faster then the other teams can with a exception...  The battles take place on a polgon grid and each polgon will represent a different designed battlefield with challenges and objectives that the team will have to complete in certain amount of time to pass the stage.  Some stages will be pretty much beat the ai deathmatch bot style but on very large maps that either be in urban, wooded, sea, or even desert areas.  Different vehciles, equipment load outs will be availiable to you.  Other stages will be more challenging better defended stricter limits on deaths stricter time limits tactics that must be used to accomplish the goals that sort of thlng.  Then there will be polygons that will have special events on them which means instead of facing a bot team for a control this area scenerio you will face a *PROTEAM* which is a team of gamers that has been recruited by the studio to try to stop the team from taking over that polygon area.  

Anyways in the end WorldWar will be treated basicly like a basketball football tournment.  Team A's game will be schuduled at 9 pm est coast time and so on so forth.  If they beat that stage another time will be issued to the team for them to log back in to continue with a another move to a different polygon unless they are defeated which that nation suffers a penality of some kind sometimes a player will have to sit out a match or a key vehcile in another stage will be withheld from them or even the worst case scenerio your team loses a turn in the tournment.  

WorldWar will of course be a paid perscription, only the best players will be allowed to  enter the tournments which will be handled by qualifier rounds like deathmatches, hold onto objectives that sort of thing.  Plus the winners of tournments will be sent a cash prize.  

Sounds cool right?  Heck you hear all the time about pro gaming and stuff so who knows maybe something like this will hit the scene and fps tournments will start springing up in cities.  Anyways whats your vision on a game reply on here I would love to hear about it..


Soul Caliber 5.. Is a total Disappointment..

As a long time running fan of the soul blade games I recently picked up the latest in the soul caliber franchise to add to my gaming librarey and after playing the title for awhile I gotta say I really find the game to come up pretty short of the previous titles. Personally many of you don't know my taste in gaming but I prefer to play single player games and avoid those disrespectful people that seem to be in every online game. If only I knew that the latest game of soul caliber was mostly going to be geared towards online only and have a snibit story mode and traninning modes attached I probably wouldn't of made the purchase.

The major draw to me to the franchise was the mode where u traveled around and collected weapons all the while got to listen to each characters story that lead up to facing the soul blader at the end. To have that part removed from the game to me was just a t-bag moment upon realizing it after I completed the lousy story mode. So in a nutshell I just find myself wishing I still had soul caliber 4 the game inwhich I found was the best in the series well besides having that dumb star wars character in the roster anyways. Thats another bad habit I have and the reason I haven't and probably will never get the new mortal kombat game just because they have kratos in the roster. I like to keep my franchise legit and well bringing in a character from a different game is a huge turn off to me and kills my interest for the game. Anyhow if you haven't gotten this game yet I advise not to get a older edition of the game first because SC5 isn't half as good as the previous titles in the franchise..

Interesting Turn Of Events

game logo

Its not everyday you get something for free so when you do the gesture usually always brings forth a smile upon the other persons face and invokes those giddy feelings we all once had from time to time. Its even rarer when a software maker admits fault of a bad product and offers to give you something of better quality for free.

I received an email today from Brad Wardel who is the President & CEO of Stardock saying to the ends that due to the bad quality of elemental war of magic I bought two years ago on its release the company was going to give to me free of charge its much better sequel. I gotta say I was pretty surprised about getting a free copy of the game and even more surprised that I got the email in the first place. So anyways I just wanted to post a short post about it and say hey stardock is a great company if you haven't tried any of there games you should because stardock stands by them fully you as a customer can trust they will do there best to meet your expectations or in this my case say hey sorry about that crappy game heres a new one on us. = )

Revisiting Knights Of the Old Republic 1&2

Its hard to believe that its been 9 years since the orginal Star Wars Knights Of The Old Republic was released on Xbox. July 15 of 2003 was the first time I was introduced to a bioware game that shocked me to my core and left me craving for more in away that till this day has not ever really been satified. Sure I've had the pleasure of playing a few other games from bioware before kotor but they were on the pc platform and I gotta say their rpgs at that time yes were impressive in there own right but just didn't really tore my life asunder in away that kotor did to me. Looking back to them days on my xbox playing career Kotor and Kotor 2 were my top favorite games of that gaming platform. My total completions of both games numbered probably ten times back then five completions each. Inwhich is pretty impressive to me since I don't think I've even completed a game twice ever since then.

So its safe to say when I noticed that LucasArts put out a bundle holding both games for the pc I found myself getting that old familar feeling to jump back into the kotor universe and bring some heat to my legandary rivial Lord Malik and his Sith buddies. Both games of course show much of their age in the terms of visual appeal but what really made both games so attractive werent their visual appeal anyways but more leaned towards the storyline in the game and its characters. I always found it surprising on how a game back then could be so linear but drove me to want to hammer out every side quest and find every item over and over again. Even through kotor next in line predecessor that bioware rolled out Mass Effect was a much larger game and had more content and better visuals its easy not to miss how much kotor influenced that franchise. Bioware even attempted to try to put as much distance it could from kotor with gameplay mechanics and turning it more into a shooter hybred rpg but still at its core was kotor staring right back at you.

In the end of it all I find myself wishing that lucasArts will decide to put into development kotor3 and return to the story to learn where Raven went after the end of the first game and his/her journey to the end. Will it ever really happen I don't think so but I will keep wishing upon my stars till the day I pass from this plain of life and continue my play throughs of kotor one and two in the meantime.

Game Review Sites That Should Be Avoided And The Latter..

Its been awhile since I posted anything on my blog so I thought id throw my two cents out there on gaming sites that should be avoided if you are like me that loves talking about gaming but not the trolls that occupy game forums. One of the worst sites that comes to mind that I recently joined and par take in has to be

The site is ruled by arrogant posters and doesn't seem to be moderated at all. The best reference to use to describe IGN's community is the youtube community. Every video almost has someone insulting another poster or the video with profanity. After reading the comments for awhile I just find myself becoming so fatigued and tired of the high school bullying I just close my labtop and take a walk to clear my mind of all the negative garbage that seems to be blowing around on those sites. I find that even the IGN staff seem to have their days where their articles show the negative cloud their community puts on them.

Another site that is horrible that I sometimes visit to see some of there very cool articles is C h e a t Code Central. CCC's community is fine but there ads on the site are very annoying not as bad as they once were in 2000 but they still just turn me off from their content a great deal.

Anyhow I gotta run talk with you all later peace out..

Now Playing: The Walking Dead Episode 2

So I just finished the second episode of the series the walking dead and well what was my impressions? To be honest I gotta say I really like what I have been playing so far but as a ps3 user the lag and framerate issues with this second episode was unaccpetable. It maybe because I feel kinda angry I had to wait so long between episodes to get a update but the issues I was having with the game took away from my experence. Several times while playing I had lag issues with the ps3 version of the game not to mention long load times as well which blew my mind since the game only lasted an hour 45 minutes less even if you unlike me wasn't buzzing from a Saturday night bar prowel. But I confess the experence outside of my frustrations with the game was down right I wanna play some more but before I knew it the juicey gore delight was over and left me disappointed and craving for more.

So my final verdict of the series so far is a 7.5 mostly due to the issues I had with episode two and the long wait between the first and the second episode. If you haven't experenced the walking dead mini game series yet listen to me when I tell you that yes the series so far is great but as a consumer you may wish to wait till the game is conpletely out on the psn network and xbox network to fully enjoy the experence if you don't the game will just leave you wanting and waiting three months or longer till a new update is released...

Now Playing: Infamous 2

I picked up Infamous 2 yesterday on my bi-weekly paying bills routine and hey what can I say another game gamespot has totally dropped the ball review wise on. So far I have played about ten hours worth of the game and damn whoever gave infamous 2 a 7.5 must be color blind, playing the game with one hand, and well damn retarded. The second title in the series takes all the things that make the first game great and adds some to the package including a visual upgrade more characters to just get attached too and well plenty of lol moments. I guess I shouldn't be so surprised really since this is the same site that has been a CoD boot licker for the last couple of years now. In the end like I always say to people don't follow reviews of "professional critics" do yourself a favor and do some additional research on games before making up a choice. I find that overly hyped games are the type I find boring and the ones that don't get that much attention I love. So if anyone reads this check out the game its great and this site like usual can't give us consumers a unbiased review of products....

Classics Classics Classics

The playstation store is online!!! With that announcement for all of you guys who haven't had a chance to check out whats new on the store I'm happy very happy to announce that they have finally placed a few great great rpgs onto the store. The rpgs that I am talking about and my all time favorites is are as follows....

Vagrant Story: One of my absolute favorite games of this console era.. If your an action junkie who loves a great story and weapon customization this is your game!

playstation game image

Xenogears: a game based off of huge robots kicking major backside who doesn't love that sort of rpg?

playstation game image

Parasite Eve: The orginal parasite eve was such a mind trip that it made fear look like a kiddies game. Seriously its just that good check it out!

playstation game image

Threads of Fate: another solid rpg title that I know any rpg gamer would love if gaven a chance...

Playstation game image

So yea as you can tell I was a huge square soft fanboy back in the day and still am I miss the old team that made square what it was and I hope that maybe one day jrpgs will regain what this era had... Oh well I'm off to download this games later days everyone!!!


A pc gamer is a rare breed of gamer that I one day hope to become. Maybe not the crazy frantical kind that troll forums or anything to that nature but the kind that owns a gaming rig that looks close to a priceless painting rather then a not so cool looking tower I have sitting on my bedroom floor at this very moment.

That very thought is humorious to me for some odd reason; not because I don't think its possible but more to the accord that many young guys my age are more interested in graduating from college or landing that perfect job or are busy preparing to be married and settling down. But for myself I find that I don't have any plans other then living. Truthfully I can say I'm going on to my twenty-six year of life, My weight is only a hundred and five pounds which for a man is rather disgraceful; and well I have failed college three different times inwhich I've decided to not ever go back. If a value of a person is weighed in thee eyes of a stranger I often times ponder on what my worth would be on a glance. So even if I face a uncertain horizon before me I still dream dreams just like anyone else does.

I know that I will never make a great living or visit interesting places but I either way decided that I would make a list of things that I will save up for and purchase to make whatever how many years I have to live more pleasureable I guess you can say. For right now there is only three things on my list, inwhich the first one is that I wish to have a place of my very own to live. It can be a barn for all I care but a small home is better then none at all. My second is to own one customized car that I have done myself that will be with me till I die or crash to tiny pieces whatever the case may be. The last is my gaming rig inwhich is silly to think about because pcs become useless so fast nowadays but hey why not huh?

A gaming pc I've always have heard is very expensive and boy isn't that a understatement. I really had no idea till today how much they were just because I had no interest in buying a new pc till I had a problem with mine after my purchase of Shogun Total War 2 for my current pc. You see my tower isn't bad its a 2.8 ghz processor, with 4gig ram, with a gts 450 geforce graphic card in it inwhich isn't very old either. I can do most things with it till I found out that my computer had limits and issues. Sins of a Solar Empire I find that I can't play huge single player maps cause my pc fps rate drops down to a crawl. Dawn of War 2 will play on my pc but barely just because the game crashes like most of the time for some reason and well now today with shogun total war. I thought it was time to just sli my graphic card with a twin 450 gts but I thought that maybe it was just my processor that could be the problem inwhich honestly I have no idea if it is because I paid someone to put the gts card in so yeah I'm not sure at all. So yeah now I'm playing the do I really wanna update my pc mental games or not sorta thing.

Anyways I could type forever but I'm getting tired so I'm gonna take off and take a nap so thanks forreading and I post some more of my thoughts another day...