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My family had something similar happen with AT&T.

The bill was $180 for three generic phones and a smart phone (4 total phones). My family went in there and when they left they had an ipad + one of the generic phones switched to an LG2 and the bill came out the same

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So what really would be the point of buying Intel when AMD is offering so much more bang for your buck?

From my understanding the AMD octo cores aren't "true" octo cores (the cores share resources between each other). In a true octo core scenario each core has its own resources.

The fact that its not a true octo core + the fact that the architecture is weak (the architecture from an intel i7 920 from 2008 is superior than the current AMD cpu's) are reasons why a quad core intel can outperform the FX 8000/9000 series CPU's

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Should be worth it, The 5800K is slower than the FX 4000 series.

You could sell your A10 5800K with motherboard and easily have enough money for a good 970A motherboard + a decent CPU cooler.

If you don't mind re-installing windows then jumping from a 5800K to an overclocked FX 6100 should be a good jump (most people will tell you 8000 series or bust but there's nothing wrong in what is essentially a free FX 6100).

You would get pretty significant FPS jumps in games by switching

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Need a quick replacement and my microcenter has a good deal on the 8320 but all the combos under $200 are 970A series motherboard which supposedly don't have a good enough phases/volts (4+1) to power a 8000 series CPU (lots of reports of VRM overheating).

The motherboards are MSI 970A-G46 (this board has a lot of VRM failure reports), Asus M5A97 (not as many failures but still out there), and Asrock 970 Extreme 3 2.0 (decent amount of reported failures).

Is it worth the gamble to risk it on a 970A series motherboard ? (the reports im reading are bi-polar, some people are overheating like crazy while others are actually getting small overclocks).

Reason why I'm considering risking it is I'm only going to save $20 to drop down to a 95watt FX 6300 CPU combo yet its significantly slower (significantly slower CPU while only saving $20 kinda blows).

Is 970A with 8320 worth the risk ? (if so which of the three motherboards)

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@mastershake575 said:

Good card but I am beyond sick of the sub $200 market (its been a joke for the last 4-5 months).

The average sub $200 card is literally $20 more than what the GPU equivalent was a year ago (its like the progression/pricing has gone backwards).

It has been a joke. My GTX 660 SC was $170 when I bought it and now its $200+ a year later. The 7870ghz was around the same price and now they sell for $200+.

7850 has at the very best broke even in price and the 750ti is slower than what was the same priced 650ti boost........ (sub $200 has been a let down lately).

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@Kh1ndjal said:

i think i'm gonna go with a gtx 770 since i can't find a gtx 780 for under 750 USD right now.

I think you might not be looking at the right card. The 780 Ti is about $700-750 but the regular 780 is like $500 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16814127746

Even my local microcenter/bestbuy have them for $520.

GTX 770 isn't a bad value either (its $330-340 for 280x/680 OC performance which is good).

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Never even watched the movies.

There pretty good if you like action. For example this scene http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aL39jJN9hHM has a juiced out 60 year old goon on a .50 cal mowing down a small army in graphic detail (doesn't get more actioned packed then a steroid freak mowing down a small army).

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The intel 920 (even though it came out in 2008) is still a fast CPU, especially when overclocked (intel hasn't made a huge jump in performance from first gen to 4th).

I wouldn't be surprised if an i7 920 at 4ghz is comparable to a stock 4th gen i5 (which are like $180-200).

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GTX 770 is a good value if where talking US prices

Asus 770 is currently $320 and the gigabyte model is usually $330ish (free game for both)

If you want great overclocking potential (or 4GB Vram) then the classified 4GB version goes on sale for $380 a couple times a month (it also comes with a free game). Most people are hitting 1300mhz which is fast.

AMD did drop the ball big time (stock issues even before mining boom and forcing stock coolers down are throats equals no business from me).

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You should be fine.

2500K overclocked should be giving you basically the same performance as a stock 4670K (which is a $230 CPU).