I actually thought it was really good.

User Rating: 10 | Madden NFL 25 PS3
I haven't played madden since the '05 edition i believe (with ray lewis on the cover), but I played a bunch of games, it got pretty easy to score, so I checked out some sliders that made the game pretty close to what the NFL looks like, although it doesn't appear that my sliders effect the stats of sim'd games (it should shouldn't it?) which kinda blows because teams make it to the playoffs that look good on paper, but just like the real NFL, don't end up being very good matches for what a playoff type team would really consist of (like, depth). But, as far as the gameplay, man I really don't see how it could be any better, I'm on PS3, its real smooth and fluid once you're actually in the game (I don't like the menus, if I have to complain about something) and other than the running backs having too many "special moves", it looks a lot like an NFL game, not really sure where all the hate comes from, if madden 13 is like this, then you got to play a good game all last year, not really sure why thats a problem, but ok i guess.

GFX: 10, looks really good
sound: 10, i turned the music off, can't speak to that (I never like music i feel like people are trying to make me hear), I do wish the announcers were more keyed in to the game you're actually playing, but they'd need to record for months to do something like that, their voices would get tired lol
gameplay: man I feel like its awesome, how can they make a better game really? i mean, they're basically using little computers to try to synch what 11 trained athletes with brains do, i think they did pretty well considering every enemy A.I. in every shooter i ever play basically takes cover, waits, runs towards you, cover, waits, runs towards you, rinse and repeat
overall: 10/10, I personally feel like its perfect, I can't believe so many people whine about this game, whats with you entitled dummies? they could stop making games tomorrow, then what would you all do? probably cry more.