Frustration and difficult controls make it a poor game.

User Rating: 6 | Hydrophobia Prophecy PC
I bought it on Steam as a bargain and I'm not sorry for that. The game is not a great one; it's one you buy to warm the place for a treat. The story is laughable: you're trapped on some future town when nono-cells represent the future of humanity. You're a girl who must fight against some terrorists (Malthusians) and get yourself out of there. The up of the game is the water. The water is truly amazing. Anyhow all you have to do is to is to swim, solve some lame puzzles, reach some checkpoints and kill boring enemies. The game is not a challenge. It would be easy if the last part, the final boss, did not exist. To kill the robot Sara is punishment. I did not do it because I got bored in trying.
You get the power to control water too late and this is another thing that spoils the game. Overall a poor game, a budget one. The controls aren't that bad, but the game is too corny.